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Zero is not reasonable ratio is too high


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"Foreign auto zero than the average is about 3 times." When it comes to zero than data, related to automobile repair Co representation. In the face of Beijing Benz C class W204 zero ratio as high as 1273.31% of the automobile repair Co, relevant personage thinks, this is not a reasonable level, because the foreign general level is at about 300%, automobile spare parts need to send to all parts of the country each repair factory, such as the need for packaging, accessories separate storage the storage period, much longer than the production plan, then the appropriate price is higher than the production line, the price is reasonable, high the right number? The general is about 3 times, of course, this is not an absolute value.

In fact, not only the Mercedes C class W204 zero is too high, many models of zero ratio is far higher than the 300% level. Ma Bao, the car is also relatively high, one might think, because import car some parts from abroad, which includes transportation costs, tariffs and other costs.

The automobile repair co people think, because the premium car, there are some parts come from the European transport, but the effect would not be so big. "We estimate the situation abroad, is also 3.2 or 3 nod, basically is around 3 times, and no 600%, 1200% level of domestic such as. In foreign countries, in addition to manufacturers of accessories, accessories and a brand, such as Fuyao automobile glass can directly to the market to provide repair plant. In China, this field is blank, we hope that the foreign brands parts introduction, let the spare parts market full of competition, which will enable the parts OEM price is not so high."

The responsible person said, some parts are of high price, because the parts have no other brand competition, if there are other brand accessories buy direct approach, also can make the parts pricing tend to rational.

Zero ratio, higher insurance costs

According to the insurance industry insiders, at present in our country regardless of whether the same models, as long as the purchase price of the same car, car damage insurance premium is same, but the difference between auto parts price, let the insurance companies in the claim appeared in the cost difference.

"The main reference factors of Chinese car insurance pricing is a new car purchase price, this is not scientific. Because even the same price of the car, their repair cost is also a huge difference." According to Sichuan a insurance responsible person for example, at the same 500000 yuan car, the car damage insurance premium prices the same, if the A brand of zero ratio is 5, the B brand zero ratio is 10, so after be or get out of danger, the insurance company of B brand automobile payout amount will be much higher. "To insurance companies, insurance zero than difference automobile brand has the same premium, is not fair."

Some industry insiders, the current is brewing in the car insurance premium rate market reform will change the insurance pricing method, and the ratio of mean zero released in master zero than information, insurance companies will be possible from the models of pricing, the pricing of zero than factor into the car, the future also priced car, "auto insurance the theory of" zero cost than high should be more expensive.

Relevant personage PICC in and "daily economic news" reporters exchange thought, experience from abroad, zero ratio only in automobile pricing of a factor. In general, the prices of the same type, the higher the ratio coefficient is zero, may be higher premium. But the people said, this coefficient is influence on car insurance premium is much, still need further accounting.

The person also called for, such as the UK, with zero ratio coefficient, the new car to purchase price, parts prices, the safety performance of vehicles, vehicle spare parts repair ability of multiple factor to form the automobile insurance ratemaking factors. Insurance pricing as scientific, meticulous, individuation is a tendency of the international development. And China auto insurance market is the primary stage, with the consumer behavior of insurance more attention, more demand, "the research development needs to strengthen our will, suited to the market".

However, the source stressed, Chinese market which factors are affecting floating rate of zero, than might be one of them, but not the only one. It is understood, repair costs, but also of PICC later parts, work and other aspects of the data, they hope to do more detailed, more comprehensive, more scientific, the future offers auto insurance pricing as a reference.

Not only that, zero than announced will also affect the car sales market, one is the consumers will be more rational choice, to replace parts of the cost in the understanding, such as the purchase price of 300000 cars, consumers may choose the repair cost smaller vehicles; in addition, the car companies are also affected, if the annual premium is the same grade the car is up to several thousand yuan, may influence the final selection of consumers, in the fierce market competition environment, the company will carry on the adjustment to the new car price or prices of spare parts.

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