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Weichai WP2.7 Success Supporting Bulk Forklift

WP2.7 forklift power products, it is Weichai comply with industry trends, deep cross customer demand, relying on the "wisdom of the force platform", carefully built a lightweight power products, is an ideal power 3-3.5 tons forklift. With its excellent performance, it has the bulk package includes KION Baoli forklift truck, including the part of the manufacturer.

KION Baoli (Jiangsu) Forklift Co., Ltd. is the German Kion Group, a economical and practical material handling equipment manufacturers. Diesel can offer a full range of products include 1-10 tons of load / petrol / LPG forklifts, and electric forklift trucks and warehouse trucks, in over 80 countries worldwide with dealers.

The second half of 2014 after the two sides signed a cooperation agreement, relying on the wisdom of Weichai Power platform, R & D staff has carried out a number of key components bench test, powertrain optimization matching, vehicle noise emissions testing. Through technical improvements, compared to the same type of market products, engine fuel economy, comfort, dynamic performance advantage is more significant.

After passing through a series of stringent tests including vehicle noise and vibration experiments, Banpo started weightlifting Test care, etc., from beginning of the year, WP2.7 forklift engine start-volume assembly Baoli forklift new KB30 (W series). Meanwhile, both sides jointly in Urumqi, Chengdu and other areas of new product marketing, warm and inviting customers to test drive and experience the power of high performance WP2.7 truck. More than six months, with its low fuel consumption, high power, torque, smoke small, excellent performance, and service assurance Weichai Lifecycle, WP2.7 rising at Baoli forklift matching share.

KION Baoli Wang general manager, said: "In addition to excellent products, Weichai has done a pretty good place is after-sales service over the past six months and we are pleased to cooperate with Weichai achieved good results I believe the future with Weifang Diesel Engine. continuously improve the product, continues to mature, the two sides will achieve greater breakthroughs in the truck market. "

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