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The World’s First Driverless Bus Test Run

Coach is how autopilot


The road test run autopilot bus, by including the Chinese Academy of Engineering Li Deyi where the General Staff and other 61 domestic passenger car industry leader Yutong launched joint research and development, vehicle research and development took three years, the final scheduled for 8 year month field test. It is understood that the decision under the car in the conditions of the core of the success of unmanned security vehicle driving is intelligent driving system, which consists of intelligent master controller, intelligent sensing systems, intelligent control system composed of three main parts, namely brain act as coaches eyes and ears, and limbs function, each function mutual coordination to achieve self-driving.


To identify and wait for the traffic lights, for example, intelligent sensing systems rely distributed around the car about four cameras, laser radar, detecting no dead zone 360 ​​is formed to meet the perceived needs of a variety of complicated road vehicles on the surrounding environment. Meanwhile, the vehicle drive system can respond to the throttle instruction issued by the virtual "brain" master controller, such as the green light is later determined to be accelerated directly, if it considers arrive intersection is red or yellow, it will slow down in advance, until the intersection parking ʱ??


Once an emergency, depending on the circumstances autopilot urgency bus will take a different brake deceleration, the maximum to avoid rear-end collisions. Especially in safe driving, relying car around the "ears" around the radar side obstacle and the relative speed of the vehicle and distance, to enable early warning measures, and in accordance with this information to adjust the acceleration, deceleration and other measures.


Good driving habits can cause the vehicle to reduce energy consumption, the robot driver autopilot to keep the human driver in the process of learning, to cope with various situations when optimal driving habits to minimize energy consumption and reduce costs but also to protect environment.


Chinese Academy of Engineering, the autopilot bus group leader Li Deyi, said: "With a series of intelligent sensing and other means, autopilot intelligent car initiative can greatly enhance the safety performance of vehicles, correct drivers driving the wrong behavior in the future intelligent traffic the prospect of the development of intelligent vehicle will eventually completely eliminate accidents. "

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