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The world’s first 35 tons of dual power articulated truck assembly line

 Recently, the world's first 35 tons of dual power articulated truck by the Shandong gold engineering company and the University of Science and Technology Beijing jointly developed by the project company.

It is reported that 35 tons of dual power articulated truck project is the national "863" plan, is the first in the world to the wheel edge electric drive technology applied to underground rail transportation equipment. Truck to cancel the torque converter, transmission, differential, drive shaft and the main reducer, and other components, the use of fuel for power generation, for the four round of traction motor set directly drive the wheel. The reduction of the transmission system components, on the one hand, is not affected by the constraints of the transmission, torque converter and drive axle, and reduce the difficulty of design and manufacture. On the other hand, the precise control system of the four wheel traction motor group can accurately control the driving, steering and braking of the vehicle on the complex road. At the same time, modular electric wheel system can improve the exchange of parts, reduce system maintenance costs, in line with the needs of production and maintenance, will be in the domestic and foreign markets with a high competitive edge.

The truck is the latest technology in the field of the world's track and field equipment, breaking the traditional way of using electric motor, and creating a precedent for the application of electric drive technology in the underground rail transportation equipment.

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