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Status of the domestic auto industry

With the rapid development of China’s automobile industry , led the auto parts industry is also very heat current situation of China’s domestic auto parts industry, there are more contradictions , let us work together to analyze follows:
Parts industry , the operation tradition. Accessories industry market share , high economic efficiency , why such a good prospect but not enough to rise , because the state of knowledge most auto parts are self-employed , no one played loud brand , scattered among individuals , it is not strong enough.
Low entry barriers , difficulties in development. This situation is very similar to the system just as foreign . What college you can easily read , but you want to get a diploma from this school , it is quite difficult ! Domestic auto parts like this, money or not, you can make auto parts . Ever since, many young people have invested a great came , saying that linger or, say catch worth mentioning , over a 2035 disappeared. Personal development can not join with the industry about the disappearance , but quantitative cause qualitative changes over time, it became a trend.
Brand mean weak, real to the enemy . In the auto parts sector , there is a group of people , or have healthy thick, or spent time in a foreign country , see the hope of the auto parts industry , they excitedly , creating up their own brands. Our boss is a typical example. Ins and Outs spent several million , the brand is left , but they went out of business ! This is a very dangerous situation . China ‘s auto industry up to no more than 40 -year history , the accessories industry should also have decades of history , how those old batch of “auto parts man” , over the years , left to their own sets you apart from the house , you give the industry what is left ?
Left-handed crackdown, right fraud. In fact, the domestic auto industry, ” fake ” is the infringement. One veteran said : The Government has been the practice , raising a number of them , destroyed a number , and then raised a number , call ! Very simple and very true . It is not easy to make auto parts , is for people with the money fraud , false for us is to run the amount , do not think the two equivalent , it is not true , the beneficiary is different. Situation comedy emerged : selling original genuine , no, because you did not authorize ; sell original fake imitation , but can not, because you are infringing ; selling own brand, nobody wanted ! So a lot of people do not do, which they do not want the market . Vacancies in such a big market , there is no product to make up , no staff to maintain is not acceptable. Later , there was more funny phenomenon: the localization of imported cars , domestic cars , and accessories natural localization, those poor supporting plant loading is plan a reputation for their fame and fortune , loading pieces left to do , right do aftermarket parts, and now the market will not have a large number of quantitative timing is not matching the original loading inflows aftermarket parts , low prices, quality hardware . Indeed sell these goods , but the 4S shop not happy, so contradictory appeared.
Individual development , the overall quality is low. Domestic auto industry , there is little escape ” shop” drawbacks , naturally there is little can go up to “company” . As your business grows , increased demand, profits improved, more and more ” auto parts man” aware “company” important , including financial systems , rest system , rewards and penalties …… too many demands becoming a test of ” bosses ” , the introduction of talent is a problem , is the most direct root of most problems .

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