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Scania And MAN Consolidation Learn To Build Powerful Dream Car

Recently, the China Automobile Industry Association held Chinese brand development and cooperation in the entire passenger car parts zero symposium, seminar aims to build the entire zero communication platform to enhance communication between the whole zero-demand information to explore new modes of cooperation integer zero, promoting China auto parts industry healthy and rapid development, and promote the development of its own car brand.


In this regard, experts say, in the case of multinational auto parts companies take advantage of the high-end domestic market, accelerate the development of China's auto parts industry in relation to the car power dream can be realized. Promoting the development of China's auto parts industry requires not only the efforts of the relevant parts manufacturers, automobile companies related to the same responsibility. Only built up a good cooperation mode the whole zero innovation, China's auto parts industry before we talk about a bright future.


Sleeper car power base


The seminar attracted FAW, Dongfeng, Hainachuan Components Group, Hang Shing Electronics and other vehicle parts business more than 30 delegates. Delegates agreed that the independent brand vehicle business should play a leading role in the industry, driven by spare parts business and common development, and vigorously promote parts enterprises cultivate their own brands. Independent brand parts enterprises to increase R & D investment, solid foundation, improve product quality and competitiveness of enterprises, cultivate brand influence, support the development of its own brand vehicles.


It is understood that, in our 10 years of rapid growth of the automobile industry to promote its own brand auto parts industry is also showing a rapid growth trend. But with the return to a rational development of China's automobile industry, development pressure independent brand auto parts industry began to highlight.


During the two sessions this year, the National Federation in the "About enhance the competitiveness of its own brand of auto parts proposal" put forward on the current own-brand auto parts uncompetitive expressed concern.


National Federation of Automobile and motorcycle accessories supplies Industry Association survey shows that lack of competitiveness mainly in the following aspects:


First of all, compared with foreign, independent brand auto parts overall strength is not strong, the development is not balanced. Currently, China has nearly more than 20,000 Chinese auto parts enterprises, accounting for more than 80% of the total domestic parts enterprises, while sales accounted for only 20%, 90% concentrated in the low-end. Owned enterprises in most parts since the technology is relatively backward, it is difficult to enter the ranks of first-tier suppliers of automotive products of the joint venture.


Secondly, the independent brand automotive parts technology innovation capacity is insufficient. In recent years, the number of newly approved foreign-owned domestic auto parts enterprises of the project is higher than the number of joint ventures. Foreign auto parts enterprises for the development of China's auto parts industry has brought capital, technology and management at the same time, to some extent, occupied the domestic market, local parts enterprises own brands in terms of ability to inhibit technological innovation is also evident ʱ??


Third, the independent brand automotive parts in a weak position in supporting cooperation with automobile companies. Auto parts enterprises own brand products are mostly vehicle business in accordance with the requirements of production, it is difficult to participate in real research and development work, it is difficult to form self-development capacity in the short term. Automobile companies face pressure to cut prices as well as raw materials, energy and labor costs rising cost pressures, so that the general decline in own-brand auto parts business profitability.


"Powerful parts system is a prerequisite for automotive power, independent brand development is the construction of automotive power core issue, while China's auto parts system construction has considerable strength is the key to development of own-brand vehicles." Automobile Association executive Vice President and Secretary General Dong Yang believes that car companies should build a complete system as a key component and consciously foster and develop good parts enterprises. Meanwhile, the independent brand parts enterprises to lay a solid foundation Lianhaoneigong, benchmarking international advanced enterprises, provide a solid foundation for the development of own-brand passenger cars.


Accelerate the pace of foreign investment into the


The seminar was held in front of the Automobile Association, a number of foreign auto parts enterprises to accelerate business in China.


In early June, the German automotive supplier Continental announced a partnership with China Huayu Automotive (600,741, stock it) Co., Ltd. jointly established Chinese domain Continental Automotive Brake System Co., Ltd., Chongqing. This is the domain of Continental AG and China Automotive Co., Ltd. joint venture established in China's second automobile brake systems companies. The project covers an area of ​​80,000 square meters, a total investment of over 600 million yuan, the production of brake caliper, vacuum booster and an electronic parking brake system based auto parts, the new plant is expected to put into operation in the fall of 2016 ʱ??


By the end of June, the Japanese auto parts companies Hitachi Automotive Systems said in a statement, the company has signed an investment agreement with the Chongqing municipal government, we will build a factory in the local automotive parts, automotive systems to expand business in China. Hitachi Automotive Systems, the company's new factory site in Chongqing Liangjiang New Area, covers an area of ​​170,000 square meters, is expected to start mass production in 2018, the main products include automotive chassis and engine components.


In late July, US auto parts companies Johnson Controls said in a statement, the company's car seats and interiors business will peel off and become a new company to operate independently. The future, China is still focused on the development of Johnson Controls, seats and interiors in China within two years of the plant will reach 72.


In addition, with the trend of high-end commercial vehicle coming, foreign parts enterprises are speeding up the layout.


By the end of May, "Schaeffler – China's heavy truck (000,951, stock it) Technology Seminar" held in Jinan. Conference, the German auto parts enterprises to bring products covered Schaeffler truck chassis (truck wheel hub bearing unit, low friction tapered roller bearings, etc.), transmission (gearbox bearings, damping and clutch products, etc.) and the engine (variable cam timing system, valve body, accessory drive, etc.) of the three systems.

Schaeffler Greater China Automotive President Yang Hanbing said Schaeffler Group will be a new attitude to develop the Chinese truck market, the Schaeffler Group in the truck chassis, gearbox and engine areas have leading products and solutions that can become a reliable partner in China's heavy truck and commercial vehicle businesses.


Also in late May, the German Volkswagen Group as members of the Xerox board of directors of commercial vehicles, cars, Airbus CEO Salamanca Padres wait until China's heavy truck access. Any Xerox said the Volkswagen Group and China National Heavy Duty Truck cooperation in many areas is very promising, I hope both sides will continue to expand cooperation projects, to further strengthen cooperation.


It is understood that, as early as the beginning of May, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles group established the subsidiary Scania (Scania) and Mann (MAN) and other commercial vehicle brand integration, to create synergies and reduce costs.


Faced with foreign auto parts enterprises eyeing, experts said independent auto parts enterprises must strengthen strategic investment, enhance R & D innovation capability, enhance the enterprise systems management capabilities. Meanwhile, the independent auto parts enterprises should strengthen cooperation in upstream and downstream industries, promote the coordinated development of all parties.


Build a harmonious whole zero relationship


It is noteworthy that the Chinese car brand development and cooperation in the whole symposium zero parts decided to set up Chinese brand development and zero parts of the whole work of the Commission to cooperate, regular or irregular activities, research development and whole parts commonality zero cooperation matters, to jointly promote the coordinated development of vehicle and parts.


"From historical experience, the virtues of Japan and other automotive power has a strong automotive parts industry system. Although capital relations in these countries between the vehicle and parts industry and development experience is different, but the same is an integer between cars and parts backbone enterprises good strategic alliance to promote each other, simultaneous development. "Dong Yang said that from the point of view of industrial relations, the competitiveness of the vehicle that good quality to meet increasing customer demand and regulatory requirements performance and low enough cost control. These are mainly dependent on the system components.


Dong Yang believes that the independent brand vehicle business should be undertaken to establish their own brands Parts strategic partnership program, and consciously support excellent parts enterprises own brand, its own brand parts enterprises should also be marked outstanding international counterparts development strategies. Meanwhile, the independent brand car companies and parts manufacturers should pay particular attention to the joint development of new models in the development and application of new technologies. "This is a good foundation for the entire zero relationship."


Automobile Association Deputy Secretary-General Ye Shengji that the next 10 years, the independent brand auto parts strategy development should grasp the four directions. First, based on the existing product upgrade support, focus on the future of industrial development, strengthen basic technology components, materials, collaborative R & D and generic technology research, accelerating the development of parts and components manufacturing capabilities and advanced research and development platform. Secondly, based on the vehicle design and development, vehicle integration technology and manufacturing, to enhance component commonality, modular technology. Third, market-oriented, industrial policy-oriented, and constantly improve the market order parts. Fourth, through scientific ecological cultivation of market, technology introduction and digestion and absorption, to 2025, the establishment of a sound with strong international competitiveness of the components supporting the supply system, to form a substantially complete coverage of the main assembly and key / core components R & D system, the formation of advanced production services-centric business model, the basic realization of the strategic transformation of China's auto parts industry from manufacturing to create.

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