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QSK78 Cummins power exhibition in Shanghai

  On May 13, 2014, gather industry products, widely favored by professional audience of the 14th China (Shanghai) international exhibition of power equipment and power generation unit was developed, and the unprecedented cummins stands in the N5 pavilion, shows the motivation for the audience in the field of cutting-edge technology and top product.


  Cummins brought its generators for the exhibition with the engine, alternator, a total of nine product are: QSK78 engine, QSNT engine, KTA50 engine, QSB7 engine, QSZ electric power unit, 2 B series electric power unit and two ac generator – AvK DSG74 and U.S.A P7.


  This, as the debut domestic exhibition exhibits, QSK78 appearance, caught the attention of the audience a lot of industry. With series engine all advantages in one, a QSK78 achieved the best combination of product and performance. This kind of engine with high efficient combustion technology, can provide greater power than the same level models. The optional configuration includes EliminatorTM oil filter and oil CentinelTM management system that can provide continuous oil compensating and extended filter replacement interval to reduce downtime and reduce the service cost.


  QSNT engine of cummins in China is the first new product import project. The aircraft manufactured by chongqing cummins, currently has production and has been put on the market. QSNT to cummins first into China's flagship product, NT855, on the basis of using cummins overloaded power engine CELECT the widespread use of control system, increase the degree of parts generalization, so it is convenient to maintain the global maintenance. At the same time under the premise that does not affect user equipment form a complete set of technical upgrade and optimization, users in the use of QSNT engine upgrade the equipment when changes to the minimum.


  KTA50 is cummins engine horsepower engine maintenance cost minimum in the family, one of the most durable engine. Engine USES mature and reliable PT fuel technology, meet the requirements of you for reliability and fuel economy. Mature and reliable technology makes KTA50 engine is widely used in mining equipment, drilling equipment, Marine power, rail equipment, port equipment, construction machinery, generator sets and other mobile and stationary equipment.


  Has outstanding control performance of QSB series engine is one of the most clean models on the market at present, to meet the three emissions standards, as well as the environmental protection agency (EPA) Tier4 standard emission standards in 1800 revolutions per minute. Through equipped with automatic electronic controller of common rail fuel system, engine demand even in the most strict application still has strong performance.


  QSZ electric power unit adopt the world's advanced engineering and design analysis tools and combined with Chinese users use condition, the engine has run more high altitude, low temperature operation and large load continuous operation ability, the scheme of machine purification lower emissions. This type of cooling system has excellent oxidation corrosion resistance, easy to clean, damp and oxidation resistance ability. Air intake system with bipolar filter, under the rated air volume flow, the original filtering efficiency is as high as 99.5%, provides perfect protection for the engine.


  This exhibition of 2 B series electric power unit on the basis of the existing model power further ascension, to make up for the lack of product in power before. In addition, two models of oil pump, air filters, water tanks have upgrade, provide stronger support to improve engine power, heat dissipation is better than previous.


  Cummins generator technologies AvK is AvKDSG74? Brand DSG series alternator affiliate products, more than one hundred years experience in engineering design, meet the most demanding applications, for diesel engines, water or gas engines and steam turbines driving, widely used in ships, Marine engineering, oil, natural gas, etc.

  As a legendary brand U.S.A cummins generator technology? Series, a larger alternator, U.S.A P7 maximum power 2200 kVA, optional IP44 protection grade, widely used in power plants, ships, oil fields, and other areas of the market.

  This year, is the third year in a row, cummins in China (Shanghai) international exhibition of power equipment and power generation unit. The exhibition was founded in 2002, held in Shanghai in a year. The exhibition thought industry "the latest information, the latest products, more extensive trade links" for the purpose, over the years, won the praise of the exhibitors and visitors, after years of temper, show has a higher degree of satisfaction, exhibitors and buyers brand recognition, has developed into a worldwide power equipment and no.1 generator industry!

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