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Pain from the start point to solve the problem of automotive after-market accessories, automatic comfort and safety

Pain from the start point to solve the problem of automotive after-market accessories, automatic comfort and safety

Original title: Pain from the point to start to solve the problem of automotive after-market accessories Source: HC Automotive Network

Recently, a lot of analysis of motor vehicles, we have selected one of the more representative, made a summary found a little rule, hope to help a bit.

Schaeffler launches new system for the automatic transmission torque converter


Schaeffler has developed a lighter, more cushioning properties of a new generation iTC torque converter. iTC (integrated torque converter) main feature is integrated into the lock-up clutch torque converter turbine, not only reduces the weight of the entire system, but also for the higher efficiency of the installation of the torsional vibration damper (such as Schaeffler developed centrifugal pendulum absorber) to stay out of space. Vice President of Schaeffler Group Automotive R & D Uwe Wagner explained: "The centrifugal pendulum-type torque converter damper greatly improving the vibration isolation effect, the lockup clutch is closed at an earlier stage, thereby saving fuel consumption, also improves the overall comfort. Therefore, the future for most automatic transmission torque converter will use centrifugal pendulum-type absorber. "


As early as 2014, when Schaeffler has been in the development of the torque converter, automatic transmission, this product is a key component. Today's successful development, Schaeffler will also inject momentum. Schaeffler it will help promote its automotive business revenue in a positive direction.


100,000 kinds of commodities debut Linyi automotive supplies exhibition overseas buyers Taobao site


Recently, the 7th China (Linyi) International Trade Logistics Expo kicked off. Auto Accessories Exhibition is a major highlight of this exhibition is an important provider Fair is Fair quotient. Linyi Jiangbei largest domestic market platform and abundant resources buyers, automotive supplies market is mature, is an ideal place for automotive supplies exhibition. It is understood, automotive supplies exhibition exhibition scale reached 50,000 square meters, there were from Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shandong, Hebei, Beijing, Tianjin and other places nearly a thousand exhibitors. Showcasing automotive electronic equipment, electrical products, automotive safety systems, car maintenance products, car accessories and other new products. It is worth mentioning that the exhibition and automotive supplies Lanhua Group Auto Supplies Sourcing Ferris will interact with more than 2,000 automotive supplies market in Linyi merchants depth docking. Meanwhile, before the show exhibition organizer also continue to use the industry's first "bus mode" to arrange shuttle bus 60 buyers. Departure points north of Shenyang, Baotou, south of Nanchang, Changsha, east from the Weihai, Nantong, west of Xi'an Xiangyang, the east, north, central China, northeast in most areas to be covered, the real professional buyers and business docking Zero .


Linyi Suppliers Fair in development has played a crucial role in guiding local enterprises to strengthen product development, improve the added value to achieve brand and scale. Currently, Linyi number of car manufacturers have done supplies from small-scale to market, never regulate the transition series, the entire industry is growing fast, the initial formation of the distribution of imports, domestic production, supporting sales, export export business pattern, which also form the basis for the success of the exhibition supplies ……


Hebei Qinghe auto parts enterprises Baotuan Chuang capital


September 9, Xingtai City, Hebei Province Qinghe auto parts brand showrooms formally inaugurated in Beijing Auto Parts City. In the exhibition hall for the media, Hebei Qinghe auto manufacturers and more than 3,000 dealers Beijing auto parts market, agents close contact, to provide a favorable product sales channels. Qinghe County auto parts industry began in the late 1970s, after 40 years of development, has been the first hand-workshop-style production model monomer progressive development of industry and prominent features, a reasonable division of labor, improve the cooperation, strong innovation ability industrial clusters, at present, Qinghe Auto Accessories processing more than 2,000 stalls, more than 300 above-scale enterprises, employing 10 million people.


Although he wore "China's auto parts manufacturing base," the title, but Qinghe auto products in the national market awareness is not high. Qinghe auto parts enterprises are mostly production orders, "passive" type of sales pattern severely constrained enterprises to grow, where no shortage of groups stationed in Beijing Auto City is a good development strategy.


Three or become a future automotive electronic technology new car standard


Perhaps there will be one thousand kinds of thousand people in the eyes of the future look of the car, but I hope these three technologies or new cars will become the future standard, the first exterior mirrors when reversing, you need to change lanes when we need to use the exterior mirrors, now more and more cars are equipped with reversing camera, driver when reversing the situation observed in the rear of the camera can also be substituted exterior mirrors position; a second steering wire, cable control movement gained popularity, the same is the use of an electronic control system in key elements have adopted several sets of electronic components to ensure the safety of the vehicle. As well as in the future, the autopilot will become the standard for all vehicles.


One day when these technologies are mature when mounted on a vehicle, driving on the road will become the liberation of hands, feet relaxing and safer trip, take a nap or watch a movie will become a reality.


August vehicle sales Summary engine industry


Vehicle driven by the market heating up, from January to August rose car engine supply and demand trends, market sales rebounded in August, engine, single-month sales volume over 18 million, thus further stimulating growth engine industry. August domestic car diesel engine market rebounded last month, January – August cumulative sales growth to expand, mainly with commercial vehicle market after bottoming out what brought about the complete situation. August gasoline engine vehicle market rose sharply last month, and continues to be better than the previous year, so that January-August cumulative sales growth year on year increase further. January to August, the other engine fuel market in decline, continue to lower gas machine market.


By the data, the 2016 auto production and sales on the rise, driven by vehicle engine market also showed a rising trend. Currently, the auto industry as a whole still showed a good momentum of vigorous development.


After the car market to start to solve the problem from the pain points Accessories



China's auto repair parts industry development forum recently held in Inner Mongolia Wulanchabu, participants deliberated since September 2014 "on the automotive repair industry to seek to promote the transformation and upgrading, improve service quality guidance" (referred to as "guidance ") the new situation since the release of the automotive repair industry is facing, explore new opportunities and new ideas for the future development of the industry. For the implementation of the "guidance" homogeneous parts were discussed, and came to the primary electricity supplier repair parts and ultimately solve the problem is landing [full text]


Faced with the inherent automotive after-market industry pain points and accessories from electricity providers need to further shorten the supply chain links, to give quality assurance, slowly and surely, can only dropping water.


Why should the car self-diagnosis? Secret Behind OBD


Why do automobile self-diagnosis? On the one hand, this is to facilitate the repair technician, when the failure after the car came to the 4S shop, specialized technicians available diagnostic tools exist to read the car trouble codes, important parameters for the time when the failure occurred, mileage, fault occurrences like. The OBD system is more important on the other hand, also it was originally designed, is to control emissions in time to remind owners in the event of excessive emissions of failure, as soon as possible to repair the fault.


All in all, OBD system is very useful for maintenance of the master, is very effective for controlling emissions, and therefore has become a mandatory part of the regulations, the owner dim that we do it? In fact, it would not futile, if the value of a catalytic converter several thousand, have no direct benefit to the owners, but if we do not install catalytic converters, estimated that many people have been poisoned in photochemical smog.


Redefine the car machine: It is time to stop imitating mobile phone


Why are most of the App looks more and more like? This is because the role of design specifications. In short, it is a set of design specifications by the majority of developers and users of the concept of mutual recognition, including color, shape, texture, spatial relationships, interaction, and even the results show sequence and a sense of timing and other aspects. Automotive industry itself is a country with strong aesthetics and design specifications of the industry, but the car engine is relatively update Hing things, and therefore inevitably be intrusive Internet design specifications. In my own summary, groping car machine design process, primarily through the three levels. The first layer is to recognize that the foundation of the basic properties of space and location has undergone major changes. The second layer is to recognize the significant changes in the state of the car using the machine occurred. The third layer is to recognize that car machine itself, functional positioning and mobile phones have significantly different.


Therefore, it is time to re-examine the design specifications of the car machine, it is time to rediscover the car machine design specifications, at least, it is time to abandon the imitation of mobile phone design specification.


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