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News from Fonton Cummins In Thailand

In the market of 2015, Foton Cummins set the target of 1,500 cars. Separating into 1,200 of Foton Cummins Columbus Van (from January-December 2015). The van commuter diesel type has in total of 14,000. For 6 wheels truck as known as 6.5 tons truck, target with 100 (July-December 2015) in the total target of the market of 2,000 cars. And this year, with the change of law of the transportation from 4 wheels truck under the act of registration, changing from 1.6 tons to 2.2 tons. Making the user of single pick-up truck, changing from using pick-up truck into 4 wheels truck. This lead to the launching of new model, which is the 4 wheels truck, where they set the target of 200 (October-December 2015) to support the market that will rise by 10% or about 6,000 cars per year. That will come to change the market of the single pick-up to 4 wheels truck, which before there’re only 1,000 cars have been expand into 7,000 per year.


Foton Cummins has been invest in Thailand in the price of 300 million baht to build the confidence for the Foton Cummins and in 2 years ahead they have set the target to spend part of market interest and 10% truck around and the total production of 2,200 Foton Cummins per year.

Foton Cummins is a brand under Beijing Automotive or BAIC, one of the four big automobile ompany in China. The producer of Hyundai and Mercedes-Benz in China and also the number one producer with the total production and total commercial sales. Foton Cummins company, raise the focal point of using world-class technology from several countries, which one of them is the world famous diesel engine, Cummins brand from United state of America.


In which this year has launch the commercial van, Foton Cummins Columbus. Foton Cummins Columbus, is the great commercial van which filled with efficiency power from diesel engine ISF 2.8 CUMMINS COMMON RAIL, V4, 16 Valves, Turbo Intercooler gives the maximum power of 129 HP, 3,600 Round per minute, Torque Peak 280 Nm at 1,400-3,000 round per minute. Using the design technique of Modular Design, decrease the parts 40% to helps decrease the maintenance fee and also increase the efficiency with the spare parts from famous brands around the world.


Foton Cummins Columbus is comfortable with 16 seats cabin, digital speedometer gives the I/P Shift Transmission, Sport type air vent spread the wind in all direction, only 6.2 meters of turning radius. Increase the smart with sport front grille that comes with the big headlamp set, side lamp comes with light, increase the scenery to the cabin with the Hidden Pillar window that hide the pillar and tinted window, all application purpose with the foldable last row of seat, increase the luggage area.

Continuously emphasize the stimulation, Foton Cummins prepared to expand the big car industry by launching the 6 wheels truckFoton Cummins Augmark C with Cummins ISF2.8s3148T (Euro III) engine, V4 4speed diesel engine, Common rail system water cooled, Turbo Intercooler. Designed the head by Lotus from England, increasing the confidence with world standard parts such as DANA gear imported from America, ZF Friedrichafen transmission sets from Germany, ABS Brakes from BOSCH Germany and AVL Engine Block from Australia, these helps to answer the needs of the user and comes with 2 years insurance or 50,000 Km.


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