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Light Commercial Enterprises Beachhead Layout RV

LCV market recently several news events related to RV related. First, the end of July Chase SAIC jointly organized the "new heart and enjoy the journey," RV driving experience activities in the fourth quarter and China Petroleum; then Iveco (China) on August 24 announced the imported NewDaily listed in China, focus on targeting RV market. Higer Higer light vehicles division and Dongfeng Yufeng responsible person also told reporters, Hagrid, Yufeng accelerate the layout in their RV market, there will be more marketing and product movements in the future.

Domestic and light commercial vehicle businesses, without exception, set their sights on the RV market, this market is really the "meat and potatoes" it

Rental car companies have vied for the layout patterns of consumption or into the mainstream

Although the market has not yet started, the annual sales of only 1,000 vehicles, but for the next 5 – 10 years of the development prospects of the domestic car especially light car, and each car prices are relatively good. There are professional analysts believe that the future even if China Touring Car market annual sales amounted to less than a year, sales of hundreds of thousands of American scale, is expected to be able to reach the level of the number of vehicles sold.


Suzhou Jinlong, deputy general manager sales Wu Jian said that next year the RV market will grow 10% -15%. He believes that the future would be a more RV rental in the form of consumption. "There are two reasons, one is the individual purchasing power is limited; the second is after the customer bought less than private car usage, plus a portion of maintenance expenses should, parking and other expenses, which makes the purchase RV economy is not high I personally feel. future consumers will rent cars to leasing companies use, so only need to pay a portion of the rental fee, return after use, do not worry about other issues. "


Higer Higer light RV


RV market has not yet started, but companies have been action. In order to seize the initiative, the majority of European light-off companies have increased investment in research and development of new RV. Nanjing Iveco and SAIC Chase has now been specially modified RV business; SAIC Chase in addition to already existing V80 series my hand and automatic RV, also began the development of G10 series RV, it will be launched in 2017 and more lightweight pickup SUV and other car models.

Market potential business models are different

In the interview, the reporter learned that the domestic car production is currently divided into two modes: one automobile production base model or chassis tuning and then sold by the tuning market research and in accordance with the diverse needs of customers customized modification ; Another mode is car prices "one-stop" service, direct production and sale of the existing home car. By comparison, the majority of enterprises in the first main way, there are some companies will do both.

 Iveco imported New Daily chassis, RV modification of its key markets

Nanjing Iveco responsible person mentioned in the interview, the company mainly in the first way, on this basis, with a number of tuning formed a strategic partnership. "We have cooperated with more than a dozen tuning, only transit Tech (Asia's largest specialty vehicle manufacturing company, has lived in RV production lines and single garages) a year will have more than 1,000 vehicles orders, and they produce It finished vehicles for export. "

For the production of the main reasons for the base car, the official explanation is also given. "One big conversion costs Chengpinfang car, you need to mobilize a lot of manpower and material resources to engage in research and production; the second is having a diverse customer needs, their requirements for RV facilities are not the same, which makes us unable to achieve mass production, RV this species of small quantities of many varieties of production, from the economy is large car prices does not pay. "But he also mentioned that, Nanjing Iveco's NAC Special Purpose Vehicle Company, the future will be involved in car modification business, for the user to provide "one-stop" service and more choices.


Nanjing Iveco Power Daily Exclusive Edition RV modified special chassis based on transit RV

With respect to the Nanjing Iveco, SAIC Chase chose the "two legs" – on the one hand to cooperate with external tuning, providing them with the base car and chassis; on the other hand to increase investment vehicle research and development carried out. "Our partnership with twenty or thirty tuning, providing them with basic models, for example, Chase proud Express products are about 8% is used to produce chassis RVs in finished vehicles, Shenlian Corporation (SAIC Commercial Vehicle Company its Special Purpose Vehicle Manufacturing enterprises) from 2014 began to focus on research and development conducted Chengpinfang car assembly work, and has achieved some success. "SAIC Chase said public relations director Yang Honghai, SAIC Chase this year, existing home sales for about 200 cars have been expected to complete the annual target


Break through the bottleneck to restrict the development of multi-key

As a new thing, RV While China has shown a good market potential and sought to obtain car prices, but due to the impact the camp facilities, people the concept of consciousness, parking space size, chauffeur-driven levels and other aspects of its development aspects still need to be overcome "bottleneck."

"Subject to a high degree of influence of underground garage, RV parked will be subject to certain restrictions, which requires future car design to go portable development, expand the internal area of ​​the external basis to minimize the length and width of the currently most RVs require drivers to have B1 above driver's license, which limits the range of the user's purchase some extent. Therefore, minor AMT portable automatic transmission car will become the mainstream of the future development of the RV market. "Yang Honghai said.


Fukuda Tu Yanuo modified commercial RV

In addition to RV own factors, the public awareness for RVs and RV campground facilities of these two factors also limit the key domestic car industry.


Nanjing Iveco responsible opinion, RV in China started late, was originally used for city business, ordinary people did not have much of this attention and understanding, which makes the current domestic car culture of penetration is not high, it is the concept of RV still in the initial stage of the business office. Although leisure life model RV are gradually integrated into the ordinary consumer, but to be truly universal need for a long period of time.

 Morgan RV interior


"Camp facilities inadequate, but also another important reason to limit RV development. RV parked there must be supporting water and electricity facilities, but the domestic RV camp construction is not perfect, so that can not be reasonable when traveling park. Furthermore, In the absence of supporting sewerage system, to a certain extent, cause environmental pollution, destruction of ecosystems. "he added.

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