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Internet + Era Look Towards China Yuchai As Manufacture 2025

When all manufacturing in thinking about how to use the Internet + the air to achieve the transformation and upgrading, the country's largest independent diesel engine manufacturer Yuchai also looking for their own answers.


We drove to the airport from the Nanning Yulin Yuchai headquarters, as well as 3 hours. It is the rainy season, along verdant hills, the rain does not stop, easing the long-distance run around boring.


However, the Chair of the Board of Yuchai Group Yan Ping, the scenery along the way does not make him hurry the pace slowed slightly. He is impatient, 260 kilometers away, the driver spent his time on the road has never been more than two and a half hours. In a sense, it is he wants to accelerate the pace of advance Yuchai heart refraction.


Currently, Made in China 2025 and the Internet + indicates the direction of business transformation and upgrading. When all manufacturing in thinking about how to use the Internet + the air to achieve the transformation and upgrading, the country's largest independent diesel engine manufacturer Yuchai also looking for their own answers.


As head of the largest internal combustion engine business, industry Yan Ping of Yuchai status and management style have absolute confidence in the build corporate culture does not scrimp on the use of the wrist and a tough manager majesty. But it comes to the Internet, he showed a soft side. "The industry is not necessarily well done well other industries, the Internet industry is not to take money to drop out." He said. His son is now doing the work of the Internet investment and financing, and often give him a "brainwashing" and told him "You take traditional things to think about the Internet, will be lost."


Pathfinder Internet


It sounds weird, but refused Ren Yan Ping outstretched olive branch is true.


Yan Ping 2000 – when he was Guangshen Railway Company Limited executives during 2004, Ren had dug he became vice president of Huawei. "He was very optimistic about me, that small Yan Come." Yan Ping memories. But after listening to the presentation framework Huawei Ren Zhengfei, Yan Ping refused. "I really do not understand computers." He said, "learned in college is the worst computer, female students are so I do not have time for each exam punch through to beat."


But this time, Yan Ping choice. Embrace the Internet already is placed in front of the traditional enterprise common issue.


Boeing's approach may be able to bring some inspiration. Sichuan, China Industrial Co., Ltd. Chairman Hou residential structure frequently introduced him to visit Boeing found that each aircraft is now parked where, where the flight will like a meteor visually presented. Are Yuchai engine can also be a similar engine remote management, large data operations?


High quality director at Yuchai shares Lin Zhiqiang opinion, this is the concept vehicle networking. In 2014, Yuchai has established a joint venture company, with the first year of this engine motorized curtain, Yuchai vehicle networking products will be put in small batches. By the engine controller install a "phone card", you can understand the working conditions of the engine in real time, perform fleet management. If necessary, you can also start the car lock function. In addition, it can also inform the end customer service stand where the nearest accessories.


The growth of talent to create a suitable soil


However, for traditional businesses, for Internet + transformation indeed difficult overnight.


It may be noted that the real estate sector as a giant, Wanda explore the Internet does not seem well. Wanda electricity suppliers since its inception, has repeatedly Yi handsome.


Wanda's transformation from practice, some people concluded that the maximum pain points faced by traditional enterprises when the transition to the Internet + entrepreneurs patterns and courage. From here, whether Yuchai can avoid the embarrassment of the Internet + Ta tide?


As Yuchai head, Yan Ping transformation in the role of the Internet is essential. "I, as the principal leaders really want to listen to the views." He said.


Yan Ping management team talked with a view that engineers can not manage the same as management workers. When faced with the management team, he will undoubtedly reveal strong. But on the key question, he very soft, it is said Yan Ping do not usually participate in the employee's wedding, but there are exceptions. Yuchai doctoral wedding he will not only participate, but also carefully prepared a gift.


He hopes that the dots create a suitable culture, so as to find the key to the transformation and upgrading. "Traditional manufacturing companies transition to the electricity supplier, culture is very important." He said.


Changing concepts change system


"The biggest obstacle is the concept." Yan-ping said. He admitted that initially exactly what to do about international Yuchai is confused. OEMs follow the pace to go overseas, Yuchai has emerged in Southeast Asia and Africa. But the products sold abroad is superficial international, Yuchai enter the European market effect is not large. Yan Ping introduced Yuchai positive to build their team through acquisitions in Europe, in turn, the reliability of the product upgrade Yuchai also higher demands.


In the international sphere, Yuchai to Huawei as a research and learn from. "I am more corporate worship Huawei, Ren Zhengfei is China's most outstanding entrepreneurs." Yan-ping said.


In addition to Huawei, Yan Ping at home and abroad in recent years requires the team to visit all of the Fortune 500 again, "the thinking open, shortcomings" to learn to listen to report back to him.


Just before entrepreneurs Yan Ping dialogue activities of the day, Yuchai also announced new institutional reform, Yuchai invited Japanese experts to conduct a full system, but is not limited to the development or quality levels.


"Chinese enterprises must make the best of people around the world to help us design, standing with his height to break through our current ceiling." He said. In his opinion, the execution team Yuchai no problem, but do not have the design of the entire system of the state, because "there is no strong database, lack of overall capacity."


Wang Yanping Xi through system change, improve product competitiveness. "Product decide my position." He said, "I only sell products to people, companies can survive, so the heart must endure loneliness."

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