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How Cummins B6.7G Carry More Expectation

Cummins were among the first multinationals to enter China, from 1975 to 2015, Cummins in China has gone through a full 40 years of history. Cummins Engine high visibility in the Chinese auto market, especially in the field of commercial vehicles, has become a typical representative of high-end power. Cummins diesel engine has a number of joint venture production in China, natural gas engines previously sold mainly imported models. "China's current economic downward pressure, Cummins is one of the few foreign companies in China continue to increase, which undoubtedly shows us rooted in China, serving China's confidence." Ning said the Chinese economy has entered a "new normal "abandoned to the environment as the cost of development," clean and green blue sky "is a general trend, people want.

 from Europe to Europe â…¥, Cummins always take the lead in the most advanced environmental protection technology into the Chinese market. In addition to environmentally friendly diesel engines, Cummins has been a global leader in alternative fuel engine technology. Since 1999, Cummins clean natural gas engines has already begun serving Chinese users. To better tailored for Chinese users demand body, Cummins began to develop domestic natural gas platforms.

2014, Cummins began the introduction of domestic natural gas engines, the first model is L8.9G, mainly for 12 meters bus market. Domestic natural gas models introduced this year, the second paragraph B6.7G carrying Cummins greater expectations.

Asian natural gas engine business and general manager of Cummins China bus business Liu Yue told reporters: "Last year L8.9G through the promotion of natural gas engines, Cummins target market is more familiar with the scope of application compared to L8.9G, B6.7G engine more widely. , including 8 to 12 m buses, 8 to 11 meters tourist buses, passenger buses and some private car market is expected to be higher than the overall market performance passenger car market business level. "

    Medium and large passenger car market in the world, China accounted for half of sales. "For all passenger cars and auto parts companies, the importance of the Chinese market is self-evident. The world's largest independent Cummins Engine Company, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of entering China, China has increased its natural gas passenger car market expansion efforts.

High performance

Cummins engine to win wide recognition, achieved outstanding results, the most fundamental thing from its excellent technical performance.

Cummins Engine domestic natural gas project is based on Cummins mature production technology and platforms, chain together global advanced technology and rich experience to achieve local development in China, local production, local services, which started five countries meet emission standards. It also confirms the Cummins' technology pioneer, driving green future "commitment.

According to reports, Cummins natural gas engine power B6.7G cover 139 ~ 187kW, meet national V emission standards. 8 to 12 meters of bus and passenger vehicles tailored to meet the needs of mainstream Chinese passenger car market. B6.7G relying on classic Cummins B Series engine development, in the last thousands of hours of validation experiments, B6.7G successfully passed a number of rigorous experimental evaluation, outstanding cumulative 1.2 million kilometers of road test. In addition, B6.7G engine Chinese market is the most commonly used 8 to 12 meters for the development of public transport vehicles, power is superior, and for frequent buses started operating conditions were carefully tuned. "B6.7G uphold the power of Cummins products, good reliability, excellent quality cleaning and environmental protection while digging fuel economy and oil consumption, greatly improving the operational efficiency and significantly reduce user costs." Cummins ( China) Investment Co., Ltd. Technical Director Engine Division SteveSaxby representation.

In the conference site, the first user B6.7G world environment Zhangjiajie Yicheng passenger company representative said: "In the course, B6.7G power and economy are very outstanding, very low failure rate, our operations Very satisfied. In addition, Cummins send technical team for my company site resident services, at the same time factories, offices, scene three parts reserve, and provide backup machine, it is the real deal fast response and excellent service. "

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