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Foreign Parts Business In China Grew Steadily

China Automotive Industry Association data show that the first half of China's automobile production rose 2.64 percent. Although the domestic automobile market slowdown, it is still part of transnational corporations in the eyes of "meat and potatoes", to enhance their performance plays an important role. So, in the first half of this year show how multinational companies in the Chinese market?

Faurecia first half results, the first half of Europe (including Russia) region and Asia revenues rose year on year, the North and South America fell; wherein, Europe (including Russia) region contribute the largest share, an increase of 9.3% to $ 6.423 billion; Asia rose 9.2 percent to $ 1.687 billion, but operating income in China surged 64.5 percent year on year to $ 1.411 billion in revenue in the Asian market accounting for up to 83.6%, which, for the Chinese carmaker sales grew 55%, accounting for 8% of the Chinese market sales.

These data show, Faurecia first half of this year in the Chinese market has achieved very good results. In related news also revealed, Faurecia plans to sell its bumpers, shock absorbers business to help release the funds to expand in the Chinese market. Faurecia now has a dialogue with a number of private equity firms and auto parts suppliers to find potential buyers, but have not yet made a final decision Faurecia.

The first half of the year, Michelin's car and light truck tires business in the Chinese market has achieved good results. Car and light truck tires in the Asia (excluding India) Original tire market, the overall demand for the first six months remained stable, despite a slowdown in June, but the Chinese market in the first half of the overall growth of 5%, of which cars Tire demand declined, while SUV tires continued to grow; Asia (excluding India), demand the replacement tire market overall slight decline of 1% in the first half, but the momentum of the Chinese market continues growth of 9% in the first half.

In addition, although SKF earnings in the first half and did not disclose the specific data in the Chinese market, but the results, in the first half of this year sales of industrial products, SKF has improved in business Chinese energy; the automotive business, its selling cars, light trucks and truck parts on new business development have greatly improved, the need to point out that on the Great Wall, Geely and other automobile companies in cooperation with China has improved significantly as local customers. But earnings also pointed out that in view of changes in the Chinese market, there are many uncertainties, so the second half of SKF's development in China still needs special attention.

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