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Flaming Mountains “roast” Dongfeng truck quality inspection

Dongfeng truck test team stay up late to get up early every day, wore more than 40 degree heat, constantly shuttling between Turpan Flaming Mountain and willing to ditch, a high temperature DCI11 country five countries and five gas calibration sweat. For their hard work, praise refueling point.

Flaming Mountains "roast" Dongfeng truck quality inspection

In the July 31, party secretary CHEN Xing-lin Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd., Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Technical Center East Nanjing Party Secretary Chu and other leaders withstand the heat of the high-temperature test team condolences guidance, in addition to front-line staff working for the summer heat sent condolences cooling products, attention to the body, but also encouraged them both to carry forward the hard-working spirit.

CHEN Xing-lin line detailed understanding of the relevant circumstances DCI11 country five countries and five natural gas and high temperature test and test personnel in a meeting to learn more about the testing process and the difficulties of life, and to develop appropriate solutions.

Leadership and staff together to test Turpan willing to ditch one-day road calibration tests, and test employees together at noon to eat the mineral Nang, field experience hardships Dongfeng truck testing personnel.

CHEN Xing-lin line test ride test car truck Dongfeng, Dongfeng truck and performance of the vehicle and put forward suggestions for improvement.

Whether our leaders or Dongfeng truck testing personnel, both for the quality of Dongfeng commercial vehicle to make unremitting efforts and contributions! Together praise for their pay point!

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