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D7 series light truck Dongfeng DLK

Dongfeng DLK D7 series of powerful, strong bearing, high safety, ride comfort and other advantages derived from the DFAC joint Yuchai engine plant painstaking years of meticulous design and development. Strong core reflected in the plains, mountains, cold regions transport power and versatility is reflected in the strong to meet the transport needs of 3-12 tons of high load.

     As China's first 3-ton truck, Dongfeng Huancavelica has been "long-distance freight experts" professional playfully to similar products on the market for many years. Particularly its 7 m vehicle market five years ago, nearly 40 million users to witness their dominance in the 7 m car segment. In the process of upgrading the four countries, China IV engine equipped with Yuchai 4S new Dongfeng DLK D7 series, focusing on "strong core strong" desire Zailingfengsao.

Tailored engine alone with Dongfeng

4S Yuchai engine Yuchai engine plant with DLK L Series cab features of specially developed, exclusive equipped, powerful vehicles, low fuel consumption. Yuchai 4S engine with Germany Bosch Common Rail system, four-valve technology, enabling multiple fuel injection, low-speed torque, maximum torque of 500N.m, the highest level of similar products; strong power torque reserve, supporting the car enough power, fast acceleration, climbing ability characteristics. Advanced patented combustion chamber design and a large structure of aluminum alloy material, so that the engine has low fuel consumption, light weight, long life characteristics.

Carrying capacity ahead of similar products

DLK Yuchai 4S models Compartment width of 2300mm, and similar products for the 2060mm, 2050mm, cargo box volume 9% higher than the opponent. Faced with overloaded trend, this model in 3800mm, 4100mm wheelbase 188mm higher section with a double-section beams, competing products generally is 170mm double, 195mm single girders, beams carrying capacity of 1.5-2 tons higher than the opponent. Using the 4400mm wheelbase 232mm high beam, competing products is 190-215mm high beam, carrying capacity is higher than the opponent more than 2 tons.

Meanwhile, the standard model with a six-speed gearbox to ensure that vehicles under heavy load state of comfort and fuel economy.

Vehicle safety of similar competing products

The model comes standard with an accumulator volume of 80L, 60L is much higher than competing cards accumulator volume to ensure that the vehicle has sufficient braking force during braking, the brake at the same time longer. This model comes standard with four circuit protection valve, single circuit protection valve compared to competing cards, higher safety factor. The models come standard breathe brake, the greater the braking force when the parking brake, can effectively prevent the vehicle is static relative displacement; Europe ECER29 frontal crash test, vehicle safety to the highest industry standards.

Exclusive equipped with LCD cold light meter, driving more comfortable. The model uses a cab DLK L series cab shape classic atmosphere, the cab width than the main competing brand 35mm. Meanwhile, for the increase of young customers, we at the 2014 L-series cab models equipped with an exclusive configuration LCD cold light meters, aviation and other high-class cars have seats, the cabin comfort is greatly enhanced, 5-year 400,000 customers The common choice.

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