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eBay Auto Parts category Merchants force, the traditional domestic auto industry in new export sales Source: Internet


  It is reported, eBay will be held on eBay automobile and motorcycle parts procurement and investment will be in Guangzhou Poly Expo September 18th to 19th. As one of the global e-commerce leader, eBay worldwide has a wide range of users. Automobile and motorcycle category is one of the significant advantages of its growth category, and the automobile and motorcycle purchase or investment will further expand eBay's advantage in this category. Hugo network as media partner, will bring live coverage of the event.


  As we all know, eBay was founded 21 years ago, it is the strength of the old electricity supplier giants. Its worldwide more than 160 countries or regions to carry out related business, connecting hundreds of millions of consumers and tens of millions of sellers group 2015 group turnover of over 82 billion US dollars. Today, automobile and motorcycle category is one of the focus of its rapid development category. According to reports, on the eBay platform, every 0.3 seconds a turnover of automotive parts, every three seconds a turnover of motorcycle spare parts, every 6 seconds on a deal a tire or wheel, every two minutes a car deal.


  eBay order to allow more Chinese auto parts enterprises to share electricity supplier to global growth dividend, cope with the severe situation of traditional exports, and actively develop new business growth, targeted hereby convened automobile and motorcycle category of procurement and investment will be. It is reported that the activities are divided into the "export to upgrade -eBay cross-border electricity supplier new opportunities" as the theme of the investment will be September 18 and eBay automobile and motorcycle cross-border electricity supplier Sourcing Summit of September 19th.


  18th investment conference, there will be investment manager for eBay eBay Auto with a detailed description and analysis of the business, as well as the responsible person for the detailed interpretation of eBay Greater China Auto with investment policy. Then there are the big sellers in the eBay site to make dry goods share. Desire for transformation, just settled sellers, eBay also prepared the basis for guiding the operation.


  In the 19th meeting of the procurement, in order to help more big sellers and traditional manufacturing enterprises to achieve win-win situation, eBay brings more than 50 large auto parts sellers on eBay scene purchasing products. At the same time, eBay also the responsible person for the data after the European and American markets and eBay Auto with high demand for products brought sharing and presentation. In addition, more cases outstanding enterprise product introduction and large eBay sellers to share operational experience in practical operation.


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