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Eaton to join Cummins Technology Day held in Hubei Xiangyang

 The world's leading power management company Eaton recently Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. Hubei Xiangyang location Eaton held the theme of "excellent source of power efficient solution of the Road?" – The Dongfeng Cummins Technology Days to show designed to help enhance vehicle energy efficiency and innovative solutions, and a range of plant and data center for power management solutions.

Eaton's Vehicle Group President, Asia Pacific Brice Hill (Krishnakumar Srinivasan) said: "Cummins is one of Eaton's most important global strategic partner before, we have to join hands in the United States successfully launched the Technology Day SmartAdvantage powertrain activities not only for the Eaton China.?. Dongfeng Cummins senior leadership team and provided an opportunity to pass on, but also strengthen our bilateral partnership in China and around the world, to further promote the common development of the two companies. "

Between the date of this technique, Eaton highlight of the car, long-distance trucks, buses, special vehicles segment and manufacturing applications power management solutions, including its advanced valve and valve drive mechanism products, decompression engine brake, mechanical turbocharger, transmission and other vehicle related to the latest technology. In addition, Eaton's experts also introduced to the audience with innovative solutions for electrical safety and green switch and advanced hydraulic systems and solutions used in the automotive assembly line.

Over the years, Eaton and Cummins has always maintained a close working relationship, with more cooperation projects at home and abroad. Cummins and Eaton had to join together to promote the super Peterbilt truck project, and provide advanced transmission products. Super Truck project was originally sponsored by the US Department of Energy, its goal is to improve the efficiency of long-distance transport of Class 8 heavy-duty trucks. In addition, the two companies also worked together to develop SmartAdvantage? Drivetrain, Eaton Fuller Advantage 10-speed automatic transmission with Cummins engine with ISX15L and 12L series, which ISX15L engine can be increased 3-6 percent fuel economy. 2014, Cummins awarded Eaton the "Best Supplier Award" in recognition of its contribution to the above two projects made. Eaton and Cummins cooperation in various projects in China, in order to improve the efficiency of city buses and trucks. 2014, Eaton has received from the Cummins awarded the "Quality Award for continuous improvement," and Foton Cummins was awarded the "Best Quality Award."

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