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Dongfeng Three Main Models First Show In Hannover Motor Show

As China's leading heavy-duty truck manufacturer, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co. to bring its three main models to participate in the 65th session of Commercial Vehicle Show in Hanover, Germany. Dongfeng Motor Show debut flagship, Dongfeng and Dongfeng three main models, covering the card, each horsepower heavy truck segment, efficient transport to meet the long-distance, long-distance transport, regional transport operations. This part of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Company's global strategy to further enhance the global awareness of Dongfeng truck brand.

The exhibition of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co. Dongfeng three models are the flagship of 6 × 4 tractor, DongFeng rapid logistics vehicles, Dongfeng 4X2 tractor. All three cars were equipped with the Beidou navigation satellite system (compatible GPS), in which the yellow Dongfeng flagship exceptionally bright on the stand, which is equipped with air suspension, disc brakes, electronic braking systems, electronic stability control, engine braking move, retarder, vehicle configuration and other advanced network architecture; Dongfeng car thermoplastic composites (green, renewable, lightweight); Dongfeng using air suspension, disc brakes and other configurations.


"Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. is one of China's leading truck brand. We have further foothold in Southeast Asia and other strategic markets, our strategy is to continue to develop new markets. We hope that by participating in the Hanover commercial vehicle show, in Dongfeng commercial vehicle brand and product promotion, a good development partners around the world. "September 24, Huang Gang, general manager of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Commercial Vehicle Show in Hanover press conference said this.

Dongfeng commercial vehicle brand a household name in China. Historically, Dongfeng 2.5 tons truck EQ240 stereotypes developed in the 1970s known as the nation-building "hero car." In the late 1970s, Dongfeng five tons truck EQ140 listed on the initial research and development and international brands truck analyzed and compared to the 1980s, twice in technology upgrades, accounting for two-thirds of the time domestic road transport markets. In the late 1980s, Dongfeng truck 8 tons diesel EQ153 flat market, to fill the Chinese car "missing weight" blank. During the 1990s, "he drove eight Pingchai, extra cash," widely circulated among the customers. The twenty-first century, international cooperation in the context of development 10 years, a whole new generation of Dongfeng commercial vehicle heavy truck products independently developed the first true sense of "Dongfeng" listing, dynamic range covers 260 hp to 420 hp. In 2008, a whole new generation of Dongfeng Dongfeng truck platform available. The 2013 Shanghai International Auto Show, Dongfeng flagship publication. Denon's flagship high-end heavy truck, heavy truck grasp the development trend, with strict European standards new development, aimed at efficient long-haul transport market, will become the new market benchmark.

Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., the first exhibition show in Hanover, Germany, the exhibition area of ​​about 700 square meters, located in Hall 17 Booth A27, its bright colors, simple layout booth style and Dongfeng commercial vehicle brands dissemination of information in various ways, so that the audience vivid Learn the story of Dongfeng brand commercial vehicles. Especially with China Wudang martial arts performances, it is attracting an international audience and the media stop. In the 24th press conference, Dongfeng commercial vehicle has been widespread concern dealers, suppliers, media and partners from domestic and abroad.

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