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Dongfeng Hercules Introduces X3

6 × 4 drive, D310 Dongfeng Hercules standard flat roof cab, Yuchai YC6M340-33 engine (EGR), wheelbase 3800 + 1450mm, front frame width 940mm, after wide 860 mm, flame preheating cold start device, whole steel 350L main fuel tank, fuel tank has a lock (three lock-in-one), mechanical accelerator pedal and switch, with exhaust gas discharge dust ejector device, muffler exhaust out (side-blown), Φ430mm pull-type diaphragm spring clutch, Shaanxi teeth 9-speed RT-11509G gearbox, head gear ratio 12.57, the most high-end direct file, 7 tons front axle, 13 t wheel deceleration dual rear axle (DF 300), the main reduction ratio 5.92, there is inter-wheel differential lock, part of the power PTO (power take off on the gearbox) with dump lifting devices (with slow down device), frame rails section 300 × 90 × (8 + 8) mm, leaf spring 10 / 12,12.00R20 radial tire (usually lug), manually adjust the arm, no ABS, after half a flying mechanical damping cab suspension, hydraulic machinery flip, colorless laminated front windshield, channel-type instrument panel, install air conditioning ʱ??

Brief introduction

Dongfeng Hercules embodies the new generation of Dongfeng truck "power, rugged, reliable and creative" inherent quality and customer value. Dongfeng Hercules include those suitable for the project, in the short-distance transport of heavy-duty truck, power coverage 230-375 horsepower; special purpose vehicle engineering, power coverage 230-420 horsepower.

Dongfeng Hercules Department of Dongfeng Motor in heavy truck series, produced by Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Company. Dongfeng commercial vehicle sales have become the main force in the product structure. Dongfeng Hercules project road vehicles and Dongfeng Dongfeng truck is a new generation of heavy trucks on behalf of models, it is a project car is based on the needs of users, there are different types of drivers and the best configuration options, to provide customers with the best transportation solutions. Dongfeng Special Vehicle users of the transport situation was carefully analyzed and targeted for a well-designed, ready and standardized management in production and assembly, the production process in strict accordance with the technical, technological requirements for production and attention to detail, strict quality control, assembly achieve a success, so that users are very satisfied.

Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Company, Dongfeng Hercules launched in 2006 a new generation of heavy-duty truck, the car powerful, good reliability, high durability, easy modification, and can be widely used in water pit, mine pit, outdoor coal, base construction site under a variety of environmental, road transport operations. In 2009, Dongfeng commercial vehicle company based on market demand, Dongfeng Hercules were 24 chassis technology upgrades and 16 tops technological improvements, the introduction of Hercules X3, and further improve the yield of Dongfeng Hercules reliability and user. At the 2011 Shanghai Auto Show, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Company, Dongfeng Hercules exhibited X3 meet the national IV emission, attracting the attention of many customers.

High tech

24-valve, four-valve / cylinder; adopt full electronic control – over the engine when the body of the sensor continuously transmits a variety of information to the engine electronic control module ECU, feel free to adjust the engine fueling and positive, to get the best performance and the best fuel efficiency ; while maintenance personnel can easily access and download some important ECU engine / travel information. Common rail fuel injection system: the use of high-pressure pump, high-pressure fuel rail, injectors and other components of the fuel injection system; the principle is the formation of a constant high-pressure fuel directly or indirectly, by rail, distributed to each injector, and the help of integration in each injector, high-speed solenoid valve opening and closing timing quantitative control of fuel injection to the combustion chamber, thus ensuring the best diesel engine combustion ratio and atomization, and the best ignition time, sufficient minimum ignition energy and polluting emissions, high pressure is 200 ~ 1400bar (1bar = 1.0333 atm).

High power

Power up to 420 horsepower. Dongfeng Cummins C series engine, the displacement of 8.3 liters, power covering 230,245,260,280,300,325 horsepower; Dongfeng Cummins L series engines, power coverage of 340,375 horsepower; Dci11 Renault engine displacement of 11.1 l Power cover 340,375,420 horsepower and maximum torque of 1870 Nm.

High reliability

Engine life of more than one million kilometers.

Low fuel consumption

The external characteristics of the minimum specific fuel consumption of <190g / kWh.

Low Noise

Using the bottom of the cylinder block reinforcing plate, all isolated oil pan, full isolation of the cylinder head cover reduce overall noise. By electronically controlled fuel injection system organizations to reduce combustion noise several times.

Low emissions

Dci11 engine emissions meet Euro 3, Euro 4 has the potential to meet.

Cold starting performance

Without any pre-heating device can ensure start at -18 ℃, with intake after the glow plug, can guarantee -35 ° C start. In cold areas, the optional water cooling ensures start glow plugs at -40 ℃.

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