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Dongfeng Electric Car Developed Complete Motor Controller

In early August, Dongfeng Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd. held "3-5kw AC induction motor controller" Project SOP (mass production) will be assessed for "3-5kw AC induction motor controller" technical and economic indicators, production readiness review 

Panelists agreed that the project be approved. This means that Dongfeng Electric Vehicle Company has successfully completed the series motor controller, his motor controller, the independent development of AC induction motor controller, permanent magnet synchronous motor controller, a full range of motor controllers.

It is understood that Dongfeng Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd. "3-5kw AC induction motor controller" of the performance indicators and the US Curtis controller rather, at the same time, thanks to the integration of the integrated technology, the AC asynchronous controller and Coty Adams controller compared with the small size, light weight, ease of installation and maintenance. Dongfeng Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd. "3-5kw AC induction motor controller" of production, or will break the monopoly of the United States Curtis controller pure electric vehicles in China high-end market.

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