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Dongfeng commercial vehicle to accelerate domestic and foreign strategic layout

Huang Gang, general manager of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd., said: "Dongfeng commercial vehicle international strategy is a long process that requires continuous optimization of merchandise quality and customer service, to enhance the international influence of the brand's review two contest the race, the team with the wind. days Ge have experienced challenges, but they achieve their goals and dreams and strive to uphold. "

Overseas, east team in the Volvo Ocean Race, which lasted nine months after the world's top ten port cities, and ultimately finished third, which greatly enhance the visibility of Dongfeng commercial vehicle overseas. In China, Dongfeng truck driver contest lasted nine months in the top 10 cities progressed, reinforce safe driving conduct, while nationwide 540,000 Dongfeng truck drivers to provide professional platform for the exchange of learning, nurture more Chinese good driver.

Since enhance product competitiveness, coupled with precise marketing, Dongfeng Group's core truck business unit, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. In the case of a substantial decline in the first half of the industry, still achieved sales of 62,788 heavy trucks, market share rate reached 16.16 percent, up 1.17 percent upgrade.

Dongfeng flagship

"Tian Ge" is not only common Dongfeng truck driver's name, but on behalf of China 30 million truck drivers. Dongfeng truck driver contest aims to enhance the level of theory Dongfeng driver's awareness of road safety and driving skills to enhance the whole society's attention and understanding of truck drivers, truck driver upgrade professional pride, social transfer positive energy. It is not just a vocational skills competition, but also a contemporary style truck man show, it is a good image of remodeling trucker public event, Dongfeng commercial vehicle reflects a strong sense of social responsibility.


"Dongfeng team" is the Volvo Ocean Race history to get a stage victory, but also the first team boarded the final podium of the Chinese fleet, carrying the dream of the Chinese people's voyage, but also carries international Dongfeng people dream. General manager of Dongfeng Automobile Company, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. Chairman Zhu Fushou said: "The wind companies have a responsibility, an obligation, to actively participate in promoting the country 'along the way' strategy, will also make full use of the resources of international partners, the 'area all the way 'markets and regions linked to better explore the international market. "

Through these two brand marketing activities abroad, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co. to further consolidate the domestic market position, enhance the visibility overseas. As early as before the start of the Volvo Ocean Race, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Commercial Vehicle Show in Hanover, Germany for the first time to participate, the flagship of Dongfeng, Dongfeng and Dongfeng three main models of global debut, raised global awareness of Dongfeng commercial vehicle brands.

In January this year, Dongfeng Motor Group and Volvo Group to build a strategic alliance to form a new joint venture – Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd., is committed to the development of Dongfeng commercial vehicle brand to become global brands. The new joint venture brings together the two sides will continue to superior resources, strengthen Dongfeng commercial core business competitiveness, improve vehicle and key powertrain research and development capabilities, and actively developing overseas markets.

In March this year, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., heavy gearbox new plant construction, the production of international advanced technology level of 14-speed gearbox. In April, the General Assembly held in Shanghai overseas distributors, 39 dealers representatives from Vietnam, Myanmar, Russia, Pakistan, Chile, Peru and other 17 countries and regions attended the conference. At the meeting, Dongfeng commercial vehicle released overseas marketing organization, overseas business plan in 2015, 2015 overseas sales plans and after-sales and spare parts overseas in 2015 plan. Then in June, Dongfeng commercial vehicle and the Volvo Group signed a strategic partnership in Gothenburg, Sweden 11 liters engine joint development project contracts.

Dongfeng commercial vehicle range of domestic and overseas commodity marketing program to promote the implementation as planned. Dongfeng commercial vehicle released earlier this year in the international strategy, will be implemented in three stages: to continue to consolidate and strengthen Dongfeng commercial vehicle-leading position in the domestic market in the short term, steady growth of overseas markets has been developed while working develop new target markets abroad; medium-term target is to grow in major overseas foothold; commitment to long-term goals into the global developed markets globally recognized and respected brands. Long-term strategic goal of Dongfeng heavy truck commercial vehicles overseas markets are: to 2024, to achieve overseas sales accounted for 15% of China's export sales, Chinese brands Dongfeng brand in the target market in a leading position

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