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Dongfeng commercial vehicle parts: in times of change blew new advantages remodeling Assembly   Original title: Dongfeng commercial vehicle: in times of change blew new advantages remodeling Assembly

    As the saying goes, "Everything is ready, only a strong wind." "Dongfeng comes, can spring script still far away?" Dongfeng commercial vehicle accessories is riding on the east wind came, Dongfeng really come, with new technologies, new ideas, new dreams set sail it!


  Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. is currently in a critical period of reform and adjustment.


  What is the critical period of reform and adjustment? First, the "Thirteen Five" is Dongfeng commercial vehicle remodeling advantage, and create brilliant important period, and 2016 is the "Thirteen Five" the first year, our work this year on "thirteen five" reinventing advantage "good start good beginning" is essential. Secondly, the current Dongfeng commercial vehicle is at a critical stage of bottoming rebound, consolidate good trend, seize the opportunity to break the constraints of the development is a major issue seem more urgent.


  In the era of rapid development of industry in profound transformation. Dongfeng commercial vehicle in the reform and adjustment of the abandoned "may be high-growth industry," the inertia of thinking, aimed at marketing, product, manufacturing three key areas, the transformation and upgrading of marketing, product innovation, manufacturing excellence, efforts to reshape the industry's leading edge. Dongfeng commercial vehicle recently held the second Congress for "reinventing the lead" in a more comprehensive, more systematic and thorough mobilization, from "China's Dongfeng" to "World Dongfeng" Dongfeng commercial vehicle visioning of the "two-step" strategy. Recalling the 47 years of development, Dongfeng commercial vehicle persist reform means to solve development problems. Today, in the new era of environment, Dongfeng commercial vehicle business development will also achieve the transformation and upgrading in the true sense of the "strong reform, seize opportunity" in the.


  Marketing transformation and upgrading, and vigorously to change the past to rely on scale profit model


  China's commercial vehicle industry is facing has not before, "growth" and "Old Market", but more mature, more rational, and is in constant change among the "new normal." Capacity from the market point of view, China's heavy truck market is expected to remain at around 60-70 million, and the market structure changes, the proportion of tractor rising demand; industry emissions regulations to speed up the upgrade, products tend to low-carbon energy saving and green; Internet and car depth of integration, network-linked products, intelligence, information was evident.


  In the field of marketing, Dongfeng commercial vehicle has been leading the industry benchmark, has been in the industry first proposed the concept of "sub-line" marketing, creating customer-centric marketing model value; once to build a "commercial enterprises, research and development and sales" trinity "iron triangle" mechanism to promote the market for fast and accurate response. In the mobile Internet, big data, cloud computing era, Dongfeng commercial vehicle industry insight into the changes, grasp the pulse of the industry, adhere to innovation, and vigorously to change the past to rely on scale profit model.


  And past car brands favor cross-border marketing of special effects blockbusters, different pan-entertainment content network drama comedy, reality show star, nearly two years, "days Ge", "Dongfeng", "Come on! To the future" and so is the wind in terms of commercial marketing to upgrade to "play" out of the "new heights."


  China Dongfeng truck drivers while promoting competition in sales, enhance brand, both spread Dongfeng "care for everyone, every car care" business philosophy, but also provide opportunities for truck drivers realize their dreams, but also to promote Cars civilized and harmonious society.


  Waugh's Cup 2014-2015 "Dongfeng" borrow "ship" out to sea, for the global promotion of Dongfeng brand, and ranked third in the overall standings. Meanwhile, Dongfeng commercial vehicle by means of "along the way" strategy, by participating in Hanover motor show, auto show Russia and other overseas exhibitions to promote their products and brands to accelerate the pace of internationalization. The end of July this year, Dongfeng flagship door opened to overseas markets, with CKD (CKD) in the form of exports to Iran.


  Participated in "Come on! To the Future" program is also more than just a marketing level of innovation, not only with the core values ​​of Dongfeng commercial vehicle height fit, Dongfeng also respond to the call of national innovation-driven development strategy, the central enterprises to actively fulfill their social responsibilities embodied.


  Dongfeng commercial vehicle market and always adhere to customer-centric, and strive to provide the most suitable products used by the user to provide the best logistics solutions, the most suitable products to sell most appropriate users, pursue common values.


  At the same time, Dongfeng commercial vehicle is also actively explore the market after, financial leasing, remote interconnection level career, cultivate new profit growth point, accelerate the development of e-commerce automobile, car networking and other new formats, to seize market opportunities.


  Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Second Party Congress to determine the remodeling industry leading edge of the medium-term business plan objectives, including market share in 2020 to restore the lead, more than 17% market share, customer satisfaction increased to the industry first. Minister of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. Sales superb sales department, said: "Let all the targets we feel encouraged by our marketing department will further deepen the transformation of the second phase of the marketing and continue to market, customer-centric, Dongfeng commercial vehicle remodeling industry leadership contribute wisdom and strength. "


  Product innovation, the formation of a leading commercial vehicle R & D capabilities


  The rapid development of modern logistics industry for commercial product proposed new requirements, particularly in the power, economy, environmental protection, reliability, security, attendance requirements getting higher and higher. Combined with customer needs, Dongfeng commercial vehicle and strive to provide quality products.


  Dongfeng Tianlong, Tin Kam has listed Dongfeng sail EDITION sales steadily, Dongfeng flagship market repercussions hot …… adhere to the implementation of the new strategy, Dongfeng commercial vehicle in order to ensure the competitiveness of products to consolidate the industry leader, to achieve customer life cycle value enhancement .


  In order to advance the overall layout, to establish and consolidate the dominant position of each product and technology market segments to meet the various needs of customers, by the end of 2015, Dongfeng commercial vehicle Dongfeng released nationwide flagship Line Express car and other nine new models.


  "In terms of market segments, we focus on different people, different transport industries, different drivers, their differentiated needs like a giant gold mining value for endless." Dongfeng commercial vehicle trade Vice Minister of the Ministry of development, told reporters Xie Xiaohu said.


  Since July this year, the second quarter of China Dongfeng truck driver has in the semi-final contest, Chengdu, Fuzhou, Zhengzhou and other places started, Dongfeng version 13L and sailing days Kam 2017 new listed simultaneously. New models of players praise me. Zhengzhou Railway Station is only semi-final day of the event, on the realization of the order 89 to complete the signings 3.37 million yuan genuine parts.


  August 7, 2016 Xinjiang saving and new energy vehicles exhibition opening, Dongfeng commercial vehicle subsidiary of Dongfeng Automobile Co., Ltd. Xinjiang to bring self-developed 10 m gas-electric hybrid car chassis exhibition. The models equipped with a number of new energy vehicles in the field of leading-edge technology, is also currently the first gas-electric hybrid car chassis at the scene once appeared to attract many visitors, highlights the Dongfeng commercial vehicle leader in the field of new energy vehicles strength.


  Thanks to a wealth of product lines and strong product competitiveness, after years of intensive, Dongfeng commercial vehicle in all major market segments, the industry has been in a leading position, especially in the courier, cold chain, hazardous, and other sub-LTL market share of the market up to 50%.


  In product innovation, vehicle technology continued to improve at the same time, accelerate the strategic layout of Dongfeng commercial vehicle powertrain core components. Dongfeng commercial vehicle will accelerate in the short term to improve the quality dCi11 high-horsepower engines and power upgrade, do DDi75 engine marketing; improvement DF6S transmission, expand the application of DT14, accelerate import VT14; expand DF290H, DF435, DF485 axle range of applications . The long-term self-developed new DDi11 and DDi13 high-horsepower engines, the development of AMT and a new medium-sized heavy-duty transmission gearbox, drive axle and medium-sized developers DF440 drive axle. Second Party Congress pointed out, Dongfeng commercial vehicle will increase investment in research, establish and improve the autonomous, cooperative and open R & D system, the formation of a leading commercial vehicle R & D capabilities.


  Manufacturing excellence, the interpretation of "Made in China" unique charm


  Focus on customer needs, strengthening the core control; to meet the needs of the market, the quality of the achievements of the charm. The development process, Dongfeng commercial vehicle continuously strengthen product quality management, strengthen the whole value chain and improve quality control – not only about the new products and production capacity to prepare and Building Dongfeng commercial vehicle production (DCPW), to enhance the soft power and manufacturing heavy-duty car manufacturing capacity, but also to create an updated version of "QRQC" (Quick response quality control quality rapid response control).


  In response to the new situation and challenges of the new environment, and constantly strengthen vehicle quality core management and control capability, Dongfeng commercial vehicle for QRQC meeting operating mode upgrade, upgrade the meeting to quality control operations manufacturing field, control coverage quality process management , supplier management, manufacturing and technology research and development, supply chain management, service assurance, logistics and other aspects of running, covering professional Dongfeng commercial vehicle built assembly plants, subsidiaries, and extends toward the source. Rapid response by improving the quality of treatment, and effectively build a strong Dongfeng commercial vehicle quality strong "firewalls" to promote Dongfeng commercial vehicle quality improvement across the new level.


  "Vehicle quality should focus on quality and customer requirements charm 3MIS (end customers using the first three months of the issue)." Vice President of Dongfeng Motor Group Co., Ltd., Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd., general manager Yang Qing pointed out that, in the face from challenge of competitive products, product quality and other aspects of Dongfeng commercial vehicle to strengthen the "iron triangle" of project management to ensure high quality completion of the project FQCD objectives;-site process support capabilities through a series of initiatives, ongoing quality improvement work.


  No matter how the market changes and the environment, can shake the Dongfeng commercial vehicle quality, technology, innovation and stick. The best return on the persistence and perseveres, and is recognized by all parties from the market. Under the background of global industrial 4.0, Dongfeng commercial vehicle companies are global resources and customized, personalized products, to promote the industry's technological progress, the interpretation of "Made in China" unique charm.


  Efforts to deepen reform of institutional mechanisms, efforts to restore profitable growth, ton output capacity determination to force the market to reform the birth of a new productivity, competitiveness and cohesion, which is the biggest moment of Dongfeng commercial vehicle practice. The accumulation of history to make it even more thick, cultural integration to make it even more up market experience to make it even more calm. Minded career dreams, face the dilemma of development, Dongfeng commercial vehicle is a moderate but steady pace from history into the future, from China to the world.


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