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Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Models At The Shanghai Auto Show

2015 Shanghai International Auto Show was officially opened. In this show event, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., the main vehicle to bring its flagship commodity Tianlong, Dongfeng, Dongfeng Hercules, Dongfeng, Dongfeng and the representative of urban and rural bus powertrain strong exhibition. "Innovation across" as the theme, Dongfeng commercial vehicle and environmental protection with emphasis on technical innovation, highlighting the industry leader in technical strength, to show a new joint venture with Volvo Group after international corporate image.

Green's innovative strength

      In this exhibition of 5 models, the Denon flagship Dongfeng commercial vehicle independently developed efficient long-distance logistics vehicles, technology advanced level par Europe, the leading domestic level, since the release of this product, by domestic and international attention. Dongfeng in an efficient, high-quality customer favorite, listed nine years, total sales exceeded 50 million units, market share among the industry first. Dongfeng Dongfeng tradition traditional strengths in the cards in the country has been a benchmark in the card industry. Dongfeng is the new platform for urban and rural buses in Dongfeng commercial vehicle Dongfeng bus chassis based on strong R & D strength of the development of the car comfortable and reliable, an important representative of the new generation of models of urban and rural buses.

      It is particularly worth mentioning is that the exhibition Dongfeng commercial vehicle powertrain exhibits, most of which are on display for the first time, its technical innovation and environmental protection is worth the wait. The exhibition is a new engine platform developed four-cylinder engine, high reliability and fuel economy The engine is the highlight. Show gearbox from Volvo Group introduced an international advanced level of technology 14-speed gearbox, which is Dongfeng commercial vehicle to expand cooperation with Volvo Group, one of the results on the Resources Coordination. In addition, under this year's State IV emission regulations, the full implementation of background, Dongfeng commercial vehicle-based car show also brought anatomical exhibits an exhaust aftertreatment system, so that more people know about the product, Dongfeng commercial vehicle in terms of environmental protection and technological strength ʱ??

      Green everywhere, in addition to merchandise reflects the hard power of technology, focusing on environmental protection is still on Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle details. For example, Dongfeng commercial vehicle to participate in the show all the exhibits using water-based paint spray, to ensure the appearance of quality, while more healthy environment, reduce the burden on the environment.

International top-level design

      China is committed to leadership, to lead the healthy development, Dongfeng commercial vehicle never stopped the pace going. General Manager 黄刚明 indeed made, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. will achieve the strategic objectives in three steps: to continue to consolidate and strengthen Dongfeng commercial vehicle-leading position in the domestic market in the short term, steady growth of overseas markets have been developed, while working to develop Overseas new target markets; medium-term goal is to gain a foothold in major overseas growth markets; long-term goals into the global commitment to a mature market, creating a globally recognized and respected brands.

      The next 10 years, will be implemented in the following three steps Dongfeng commercial vehicle key strategies: One is to strengthen the core competitiveness of the whole value chain Dongfeng commercial vehicle, is committed to global development, including independent research and development capabilities, have competitive goods platform to strengthen Volvo Group's global manufacturing benchmarking study, to create a global supply chain system; the second is for the domestic and overseas markets, and build a global brand recognition and respect; third is to further the development of the new company to sustainable profitability, the company's profit model from mainly rely on expanding domestic truck deliveries to the domestic overseas markets, extending from truck sales to key assembly and post-market areas. In the process of implementation of the strategic objectives, the strategic collaboration with the Volvo Group, to carry out all-round cooperation including vehicle operations, powertrain, global sourcing, manufacturing, overseas markets, after-market and global best practices, and other fields.

Dongfeng brand communication efforts to strengthen overseas

      While overseas business strategies and plans for the formation of Dongfeng brand overseas spread fully operational. In October 2013, Dongfeng commercial vehicle and Volvo Ocean Race signed a joint branding agreement, Dongfeng set up teams to participate in the Volvo Ocean Race 2014-2015 season. Volvo Ocean Race whole 39,379 sea miles, passing through 10 cities (port), for which Dongfeng commercial vehicle combined overseas target market selection six ports as an important port for business activities, will integrate online and offline resources to find with Effective communication programs match, including inviting local dealers and users to participate in the experience, to strengthen China's Dongfeng Commercial property by highlighting the Chinese elements.

      Volvo Ocean Race since the 2014 start of the Volvo Ocean Race, Dongfeng news of success, attracted domestic and foreign media attention. Spanish Grand Prix preliminary statistics released Dongfeng team manuscript 3171, serving 67 countries, the South African station east Twitter social media team hits 570,000 times, 710,000 times microblogging UAE Dongfeng team received 263 media people, social media Facebook Hits 63 million times, Youtube hits 2 million times. Since January 27, 2015 – 2 8, Dongfeng arrived in Sanya station. Dongfeng Sanya three consecutive championships, won the third stage of the first, the third stage of the first in-port race and the total points behind in the first achievements. The third stage from 57 countries attracted media coverage, covering 10 categories of language, including the Middle East, the United States, China, Germany, Sweden, Russia reported, in which wind up 2824 team reported. Push overseas social platform: Twitter's Follow total 928,300 times, Youtube Watch 2,500,000 times; single article microblogging hits up 491,581 times.

      Dongfeng after the target market, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle invited a number of large customers local and regional partners, as well as a number of potential customers and potential partners held a rather local characteristics of the new promotion. Almost the Volvo Ocean Race start at the same time, in September 2014, Dongfeng commercial vehicle carrying three main models debut international commercial vehicle show in Hanover, Germany. Dongfeng commercial vehicle dressed appearance attracted many European media industry, China's Dongfeng gave fair evaluation.

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