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Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Company Special adaptive research to make new breakthroughs

Recently, I learned from the Dongfeng (Shiyan) Special Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. was informed that this year, the company actively respond to market decline in the adverse situation, development and sales in close cooperation and effective interaction, adaptability to achieve new breakthroughs in product development.

In the first half, the company completed the suitability of the product development 232 varieties, including 225 varieties of conventional car, gas car seven varieties. Adaptive development models cumulative sales 1220 units, accounting for 30% of total sales in the first half, completed the first half of the business objectives for the company played a role. It is understood that the company's branding by cab styling, shape patent application, combined with the country â…£, â…¤ comprehensive upgrading national product, the product has formed its own characteristics, the user acceptance. Currently, the company has formed a "three platforms, three strains," the production pattern of products, namely light vehicle platforms, midsize platform, heavy car platform, dump truck lines, lines logistics vehicles, special vehicles strains. The company also focused on the kingpin logistics vehicle for the overall planning, to seize the market to win more active.

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