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Dong Feng Motor:Turbine generators Description

        In Dong Feng Inc.,Hydropower is the main form of water use, it is the use of river water drop (head) and flow is characterized by values ​​of potential and kinetic energy accumulated by the turbine into mechanical energy, and then drive generators to generate electricity through power lines the strong current supplied to the electricity sector.

        History Dongfeng Motor Manufacturing hydroelectric generating set has more than 30 years, from 1981 to date, has provided 901 units (sets) 452 hydropower turbines and generators, are to achieve the full-fat, super fat, long-term safe and stable operation. Among them, the export of hydro-generating unit in Asia, Europe, the Americas more than 20 countries and regions, 147 units (sets). Hydro Group companies in Sichuan Province won the seventh, eighth, ninth title of famous brand.

        Seize the opportunity, in number, diameter, and unit capacity units had made great progress, at present, the single largest capacity of the unit is already generating power station in Yunnan Yunpeng (SF70-36 / 8200), a capacity of 70,000 kW; ceiling design in hand Plant (SF90-28 / 6800) is my company has to undertake the largest installed capacity of the unit with a capacity of 90,000 kilowatts; the diameter of the largest unit of Chongqing Shidi station (SF60-56 / 9900 ), a capacity of 60,000 kilowatts, generating a maximum outer diameter of 11.4 meters.

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