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Cummins “In The Old Exchange Again,” The Pilot Started

August 11, 2015, at the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers information briefing by China Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Commerce, AQSIQ organization and implementation of re-manufactured products "to the old change again" pilot project was officially started in the country ʱ?? Currently, the Ministry of Finance has been set aside grant funds to the country. This marks since 2013 "In the old exchange again" since the release of the pilot program, the "old-for-re," the other boots finally landed.

To China Association of Automobile light technology department director, he said, "the 'old-for-another' policy implementation, not only conducive to the promotion of recycling old parts remanufacturing, expand the old pieces of source, but also help expand the impact remanufactured products, support re-manufactured products market promotion, realization remanufacturing industrial scale, standardized development. "

"In the old-for-longer" refers to Chinese territory remanufactured products buyers return the old parts and the purchase price in exchange for the behavior of remanufactured products. Countries (excluding the cost of recycling old parts remanufacturing product sales prices) in accordance with a certain percentage of the replacement price, through the promotion of business-to-consumer to give a one-time subsidy. Remanufactured Components products must be produced by a state-approved qualified companies, and after audit and certification of products must be in the clear position or packaging, the use of remanufactured products that mark. In the light, said companies need to follow "re-create" the old-for-longer "to promote their products identified content" for identification, identification can be directly printed on the box can also be printed in the form of stickers, and the need to put in the product packaging The prominent position.

This included the "old-for-longer 'parts and components of the pilot program for the automotive engine and transmission, the state of compliance with the conditions of automobile engines, transmissions and other re-manufactured products, according to 10% of the replacement price subsidies, remanufactured engine maximum subsidy of 2,000 yuan, the highest transmission remanufacturing subsidy of 1,000 yuan. Including Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd., the 10 pilot enterprises responsible for the implementation of automotive engine and transmission remanufacturing products, "the old-for-another" work, involving 112 model engine and transmission remanufacturing products.

Cummins as one of 10 pilot enterprises, already on the technical and quality remanufactured products are well prepared.

December 9, 2014, at the Shanghai International Auto spare parts, maintenance testing diagnostic equipment and services exhibition (AutomechanikaShanghai), the Dongfeng Cummins will bring remanufacturing technology products dressed appearance, showing the cylinder head remanufacturing remanufacturing booster and so the new product has the same quality and performance remanufactured products. These remanufactured products using Cummins advanced technology and professional equipment, in strict accordance with Cummins unified global remanufacturing standards. All remanufactured products are remanufactured Cummins logo and production serial number, you can achieve post-traceable. Meanwhile, Dongfeng Cummins re-manufactured products and the new customers also enjoy the same warranty rights.

For old pieces recovered, Dongfeng Cummins recycled recycling processes and unified standards, so that customers can get the old parts back full of old pieces of value, the maximum extent safeguard the interests of customers and increase customer participation for remanufacturing.

As early as in 2014, Dongfeng Cummins re-manufactured products have been popular, accepted and used by users. By the end of 2014, Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. formally to Tianjin Dry Vibrating Logistics Limited (hereinafter referred to as dry Zhenda Tianjin) Delivery Dongfeng Cummins engine remanufacturing, marking the Dongfeng Cummins engine remanufacturing community and usher in a new one.

When people remanufacturing concepts, technology, and quality are still stuck in the simple "two mobile phones", the Dongfeng Cummins large customer care make Tianjin dry Zhenda Team Principal Murray was cool professional technical advice, spend Dongfeng Cummins engine remanufacturing. In a remanufactured engine technical data caused Murray Shuang and company leadership attention Cummins service stations: remanufactured engine if you really have technical information that's so reliable, that due to engine mileage too, soon scrapped vehicles Qi You can not reuse it? Murray cool through further understanding and Dongfeng Cummins to get more detailed information remanufacturing, and get a used engine remanufacturing friends repeatedly verified, cool to the east shortly Murray Cummins proposed purchase remanufactured engine replacement intent.

"Cummins made me change my ideas," Murray Shuang said: "Based on past experience in fleet management, before major engine failure, the team will head to the repair shop for a range of engine cylinder boring, grinding axes, for parts , assembly processes and then replace the truck engine, is called overhaul. can overhaul also facing some problems, overhaul simply repair, after the engine cycle is not long, repeated high maintenance, costly loss of working time, which the team is both a loss, and trouble. "As a team leader, Murray cool always wanted to change this situation," When I learned that Dongfeng Cummins remanufacturing technology allows the technical condition of remanufactured engines, performance indicators have reached new When the machine the same level, while also enjoying the new machine as the warranty period, I began to heart. "cost, compared with the new machine remanufacturing, average energy consumption decreased by about 60 percent, saving about 70% of the material, peeling recovered logistics costs and other factors, overall costs have decreased significantly, almost no solid waste. Performance and technology to ensure both the remanufacturing business, but also the policy of the national policy level to ensure remanufactured, is gaining more attention and recognition. But also with the new machine have the same warranty period.

Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd., director of project management eCyber ​​Jiang said: "Dry Vibrating Logistics Ltd. Tianjin team just one case of many Cummins customers, our customers have a lot of cool has had a similar experience with Murray and ideas with friends, they are fine fine place to play in the process of seeking to maximize product value recognized Dongfeng Cummins, Dongfeng Cummins authorized remanufacturing, Dongfeng Cummins engine remanufacturing gave another life. "

Jiang eCyber ​​said: "Cummins vigorously implement remanufacturing based on strategic considerations of the first two out of a car parts business for core environmental commitment and responsibility over the years, Cummins global CSR system, energy saving and environmental protection has been the most central. elements, Cummins from product design, technology standards, the production process, such as full implementation of environmental philosophy, remanufacturing of course, where the proper meaning; the second is to provide users with a platform of products and services for life, creating value for customers trade. remanufacturing market, making Dongfeng Cummins end user with minimal procurement costs, minimal switching costs, the new machine once again have the same power and performance parts. "

Although the promotion is still constrained by remanufacturing many factors, but based on high-quality value necessarily bring customers will not resist the temptation. Cummins new machine with high quality and reputation, quality remanufactured products will further extend the value chain, remanufacturing make quality value obtained again, further reflected.

It is reported that the pilot enterprises need statistics and reporting remanufactured product sales data, to ensure that remanufactured parts "to the old change again," the timely transmission of transactions, auditing, reporting, convenient and departments at all levels to keep abreast of national regulators on an information system "In the old-for-another" business development situation, to keep the "old-for-longer" state of the business, to ensure that enterprises can promptly get subsidies to help re-manufacturing enterprises to improve the marketing network. "'In the old exchange again' management system to assist in the management department of the 'old-for-re' carry out the work carried out standardization of management, and constantly improve the development of the industry, the timely development and adjustment of industrial policy, to provide macro-management data." China CAAM automotive parts remanufacturing Branch Secretary Xie Jianjun told reporters.

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