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Cummins B6.7 G product launches impact on natural gas engine market

 On May 11, the opening of the 2015 Beijing international road transport, cummins formally announced its domestic natural gas engine – B6.7 G public news, this engine is with wider range than L8.9 G, main for 8 to 12 meters bus and passenger vehicle, peak torque of 860 nm, the impact will be the cummins gas passenger cars, trucks, special for main products of the market.


  B6.7 G is cummins after last year to launch its first domestic natural gas engine L8.9 G, was introduced in the field of the second product, can satisfy the five five (Beijing) emission standards, (190-255 horsepower, cummins in China this product completely by local development, local manufacturing, production base is located in dongfeng cummins in hubei xiangyang factory.


  At present, the cummins gas engine in the world has three major production bases, is located in North America, India and China, respectively, to expand the Chinese market is an important part of cummins global strategy, in 2014 China's economy is facing huge risk of deflation, many foreign companies pulled out or reduce investment, and cummins is one of the few foreign companies continue to increase in China.


  "By the multinational companies to global companies, is one of the important direction of cummins global business development." The relevant person in charge of cummins, said cummins do not just sell the products to the global various countries and regions, but the production efficiency, better use of localized resources advance service for the local market and global market, the Chinese market for environmental requirements of the products is more and more strict, the huge demand for natural gas engines will be gradually released in the future, at the same time also has rich natural gas resources in China, these are all cummins B6.7 G opportunity not to be missed.


  In recent years, due to face increasingly severe environmental pressure, the domestic clean energy cars popular front position is pushed to the market, especially natural gas bus and coach market capacity check out in a row, from the central government to various places are different degrees of natural gas engine automobile set up subsidies. In 2014, according to passenger car market, the addition of a third of the new is dominated by natural gas bus, market prospects.


  B6.7 G in the domestic market, cummins gas engines will be mainly as 8 to 12 meters bus and power matching of passenger vehicle, 8 ~ 12 m model is the most common product of China's bus market. B6.7 G peak torque of 860 nm, and has the broad scope of smooth torque. And focused on the condition of frequent bus start, carefully adjusting torque at low speed, make its clutch torque of 650 nm, compared with similar products more than 15%, the engine response speed is greatly improved.


  According to the manufacturer, because B6.7 G development since the cummins B series engine platform, mature and form a strong guarantee on product reliability and durability. B6.7 G verification experiment lasted to tens of thousands of hours, and with a large number of rigorous tests including the most severe cold and hot shock experiment, super heat load, large load experiment. Besides bench test, the engine also has completed 1.2 million kilometers of road test mileage accumulated.


  B6.7 G engine air intake system after a careful analysis of the fluid mechanics and the adequate experimental verification, to ensure the fully mixing of gas and air. At the same time, with the ECM control precision detonation control management system, make the engine for gas temperament, temperature, humidity and so on the outside change strong adaptability. Under complex working environment, without having to worry about the engine knock cylinder, cylinder head cracking, piston crown and so on.


  Successful launch of "B6.7 G marks the cummins has further improved 'service China's mainstream product line." Cummins vice President and dongfeng cummins engine co., LTD., general manager wang ning said, "China's economy into the 'new normal', 'clean environmental protection Clear water, blue sky "is the trend of The Times, the public opinion. Domestic natural gas engine project depends on the mature production technology and platform, dongfeng cummins chain in the world's most advanced technology and application of cummins rich experience, the implementation of local development, local production in China, the local service, start which satisfy the five emission standards, to further confirm the us' technology pioneer, drive green future 'commitment."


  In adhering to the "B6.7 G cummins product performance is strong, good reliability and good qualities such as clean environmental protection at the same time, deep cut fuel economy and oil consumption, greatly reduce the user cost." Cummins engine (China) investment co., LTD. Department of technical director Steve Saxby said.


  According to the introduction of conference, B6.7 G engine in addition to meet the demand of the Chinese market, for overseas markets such as Russia, South America, southeast Asia's export plan is under consideration. Besides B6.7 G engine, cummins booth exhibited both diesel engine from dongfeng cummins product – ISDe6.7 L and ISL9.5 L.

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