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CNHTC Qingdao Heavy Compression Design Is Complete Replacement Car Models 2015

Recently, Qingdao Heavy sanitation truck unit through adequate market research, design completed 2015 models upgraded compression garbage truck, efforts to accelerate the development of innovative products to upgrade, to enhance the effectiveness of the company has laid a solid foundation.

With the acceleration of urbanization, sanitation market competition becomes more intense, the user of sanitation products, especially after loading garbage trucks compression requirements are also rising. In addition to a conventional compression car durable, high loading efficiency of the basic requirements, beautiful appearance, flexible and easy to operate, a multi-purpose vehicle and other requirements gradually become compressed car indispensable component. To this end, Qingdao Heavy sanitation truck unit in early 2015 to develop a new vehicle design and development program compression and quickly carry out market research, user visits, program evaluation, etc., culminating in the end of August to complete the full set of drawings of the design work.


Qingdao generation compression section 2015 Heavy car at home and abroad extensively absorb the advantages of compression car, on the vehicle's hydraulic, electrical system was more reasonable arrangement and optimization, making the vehicle's operation more flexible and convenient. On the vehicle structure has been adjusted, the choice of a new type of wear-resistant materials to extend the service life of the vehicle while reducing vehicle weight, improving the quality of the rated load factor. In addition, after the structure packing, packing convergence with the robot, packing unit and packing unit closures rollover guard has done a major adjustment and optimization of design, vehicle sealing performance and appearance have been further enhanced. The new closures designed to fill the Qingdao heavy-swinging rear cover compressed blank board applications over the years to solve some special customized robot and packing the back cover does not match the problem.

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