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Chongqing Cummins, A Big Dream.

  Have you heard about Cummins? It is known as the heart of lots of bulldozers, heavy-duty vehicles, a huge ship, mining machinery, which is high-powered engine products leader. The Chongqing Cummins is the largest professional manufacturer of high-powered engines of Cummins factories in China, 


The displacement of normal Car is around 1 to 2.5 liters, with only tens or hundreds plus of kilowatts of power, but N, K, M three series of diesel engines generators and other power units of Chongqing Cummins Engine Co., Ltd, ,power coverage range of 145-1343 kW, displacement of up to sixty-seven ten liters. 

  Last week, the correspondents went to interview that Chongqing Cummins, Chongqing Cummins will accelerate this year, global strategy, sustainable development of high-powered engines, improved sales of high-powered products, to achieve steady growth of high-powered business, and strive to build the company into a world-class high horsepower engine manufacturing supply base. 

Annual production capacity of 16,000 engines


Sales up 2.2 billion 


  Chongqing Cummins was formerly known as "Chongqing Machinery Plant and the new automobile engine plant in Chongqing", was founded in 1951. From the 1950s onwards, "Chongqing Machinery Plant and the new automobile engine plant in Chongqing," began to design and manufacture diesel engines. In 1981, the company signed with the original license agreement China Heavy Vehicle Group, began production of high-powered diesel engines in Chongqing. 


  Cummins is the world’s largest independent engine manufacturers. In October 1995, China Heavy Duty Truck Group and Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. invested 50%, the formation of Chongqing Cummins Engine Co., Ltd.. Currently, the company has become more than 1,300 employees and annual sales revenues of $ 2.2 billion, annual production capacity of 16,000 medium and large engine joint venture. 


Cummins in China invested more than $ 140 million, as China’s largest foreign investors in the engine industry, Chongqing Cummins business in China has been an important driving force of rapid growth, the company received 15 consecutive years, 50 industrial enterprises in Chongqing, continuous 6 won the "top ten foreign-invested enterprises in Chongqing" title.


High-powered diesel engines 

EFI technology to fill the gaps 

September 15, the first local production in China, Taiwan QSK19 liter Cummins high-horsepower electric engine, the official line in Chongqing Cummins, the company used 520-horsepower bulldozer Shantui on new products. 

Chongqing Cummins, general manager of China Xia Hongbin introduced, QSK EFI engine technology introduced to fill the Chinese-made high-powered engine EFI technology gaps, to form a new core competencies. 

Snyder, general manager of Chongqing Cummins Power said, QSK19 production in Chongqing Cummins, on behalf of Chinese high-powered electronic control diesel engine is the most advanced technology to the international move, future products will compete for the high-powered engine technology, high-end market.

An engine to sell 500,000 yuan 

‘High-powered "into profit pillar 

  Snyder to offer the data, last year introduced 50 liters of Chongqing Cummins high-horsepower engine technology, high-horsepower engines cost more than $ 500,000, the equivalent of a small engine 6 to 7 times the price, and in short supply. This year, the Chongqing company is also on the 60 liters, 70 liters of a larger horsepower engines to conduct research in preparation for the introduction of Chongqing. 

"At present, Chongqing Cummins high horsepower engine market share in China’s first year, we plan to Chongqing Cummins to build the world’s leading provider of high-powered engine manufacturing base in Chongqing Cummins has the advantage, with Cummins headquarters high-powered engines have the same size, same quality, but more price competitive. "Xia Hongbin said. 

Now, the profits of high-powered engines, Cummins has become the main pillars of profit growth.U.S. companies imported technology. 


  Successfully develop its ownSnyder force general manager of Chongqing in serious digestion and absorption of Cummins engine technology, based on a large cam â…¢, air – cold air, exhaust gas bypass valve diesel engine turbochargers and other new technology, develop production of high quality to adapt to Chinese market Diesel, on NT, K19, K38 engine’s maximum power from the United States, the original design of 321 kilowatts, 392 kilowatts, 859 kilowatts, upgrade to the current 410 kilowatts, 610 kilowatts, 1,190 kilowatts. 

The end of 2008, Chongqing Cummins N14 engine Cummins electronic fuel injection absorption control technology, developed with independent intellectual property rights QSN electronically controlled engines to meet emission non-road diesel engine emission requirements of Phase 3 standards, performance improved significantly, to meet the increasing domestic construction machinery market demands. 


Chongqing Cummins N Series engine, was named China’s national high-quality products (silver medal); N, K series engine and generator set was named the first brand of Chongqing.

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