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Chinese Heavy Truck And Liangshan Special Vehicle Special Vehicle Industry To Build High-End Collaborative Group


September 17th, sponsored by the China Automobile Industry Association, Shandong Province Automobile Industry Association, with the new normal, new thinking, new journey as the theme of the Eleventh China (Liangshan) special automobile exhibition opened in Liangshan, Shandong. Exhibition, domestic famous brands of trailer, truck, truck, van, bulk cement truck, a variety of special purpose vehicle put into a group of phalanx, shows the tremendous radiation as the country's largest trailer, special automobile industry base and second-hand car trading market driving effect.

Chinese heavy truck as the show's sponsor, has brought the ultra luxury lineup of exhibitors. Hong Kong trailer, lift truck, refrigerated trucks, refrigerated trucks, oil tanker, spray dust suppression car, with the car hanging and other new technology of the car full debut.

Among them, sinotruk Hao Han -J5G Hong Kong trailer is according to the given port container transport market, on the basis of comprehensive investigation and study, after a long period of analysis, test and research and development very competitive industry 5 platform truck Hong drag products. The car the man technology engine, the German Mercedes Benz driving technology room, bringing more convenient and comfortable driving experience for the majority of users. Vehicles using platform and modular design, in the design to reduce weight at the same time, the use of aluminum alloy gear box(optional), single frame, aluminum alloy fuel tank, lightweight saddle, little leaf spring, vacuum tyre and other new materials using the vehicle weight reduce overall, under the standard load state, carrying more cargo.

SITRAK after lifting and towing vehicle called "attendance heavy", the vehicle is equipped with a man technology mc13 engine, long life, strong power, the B10 life 150 million kilometers. The vehicle has the characteristics of high reliability, high economy, high security, high comfort, high intelligence and so on. Ultra high reliability, long failures (MTBF), ultra low fuel consumption, long engine oil change mileage will bring new experiences in logistics and transport to the user.

At present, the road transport, the most of the fire is the most promising is undoubtedly electricity suppliers express logistics, after experiencing rapid growth in the stage of development, the express delivery market for professional and specialized transportation equipment demand is becoming more and more obvious. CNHTC Taian Wuyue 48 foot skeleton trailer and truck T7H high allocation of tractors, Changshu Shen Yi custom car collocation form express special solutions.

CNHTC Taian Wuyue orange 48 foot skeleton transport semi-trailer is designed for the express industry custom, at the beginning of the design will give full consideration to the light weight, high volume, low saddle express transportation demand. Part of the body is with the strength of steel and lightweight design, the axle trailer by Fu brand and air suspension, have the characteristics of light weight. Vehicle matching with low saddle customized version of the heavy duty truck T7H4x2 tractor. On the basis of low saddle, trailer cars with custom install, the car will, within the framework of rules and regulations increased 12% of the volume, provides the more space for the express delivery company.

During the exhibition, China National Heavy Duty Truck and Liangshan county government signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the depth, the two sides will in the nine aspects of procurement, logistics, technology research and development and marketing promotion expansion all-round cooperation, relying on the China National Heavy Duty Truck and Liangshan special vehicle resources, cooperate together to create a high-end special vehicle industry group.

In the Liangshan special vehicle industry cluster interaction will build, China heavy duty truck, vice president of Liu Peimin depth of interpretation of the meaning behind the collaboration, "the China National Heavy Duty Truck and Liangshan county government signed a cooperation to jointly face the fierce market competition, China National Heavy Duty Truck and mountain ridge of the modification of the enterprise in a special vehicle market common development and win-win."

On the basis of clear further cooperation between the two sides, the China National Heavy Duty Truck each main unit and special vehicles for more than 40 of Liangshan special vehicle manufacturers China Zhongqi special-purpose vehicle product launches, to the product and the service policy do detailed interpretation, so that manufacturers have a further understanding of the product.

Also in the outdoor venue on the afternoon of September 17, sinotruk group two technology as the core of special vehicle fully debut, there were heavy tractor, municipal sanitation trucks, rescue vehicles, special operations vehicles, construction vehicles, cultural propaganda cars, light trucks, public pay passenger cars and so on. These belong to different kinds of special vehicles, in urban construction, national economic development and the implementation of green low carbon society plays an important role.

In dynamic performance area, Howard T7H-6X2 enhance traction vehicles, car of new type intelligent muck, double washing and sweeping car, sprinkler, multifunctional anti dust car in turn out of the column, by watching the tasting of different category, the different function of the vehicle performance, more vivid intuitive understanding their functions, superior performance further feel their Seiko secret agents, also let users in Liangshan deeper understanding of China National Heavy Duty Truck is rich and practical line of products.

Finally, the show car show the finale of the link, sinotruk HOWO t T7H and heavy truck SITRAK system (c7h) drift show, the show to a climax, lets the scene audience full of praise.

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