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China’s Heavy Truck Before August Export 20000

We export more than 20,000, an increase of over 20%! This is China's heavy truck market this year in August the main currency devaluation, weak economic growth under the circumstances, the respondents in overseas markets. With respect to the commercial vehicle exports fell 12.5 percent overall, China's heavy truck before August's performance can be described as eye-catching.

From the actual beginning of the quantities exported to overseas markets, the annual export 34,300 in 2014, China's heavy truck industry exports ranked first for ten years, and now the first export growth in August of more than 20%, such as no accident that this year China Sinotruk will continue even the village.

Data show that the results, and the results represent the past, after affirming the achievements, aside data representation, we need to look beyond the surface, China's heavy truck industry in overseas markets is how to do first? September 12, 2015, in the Arab Cooperation Forum cars, trucks House reporter for China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Co., Ltd. Asia-Europe business unit manager Li Gonghai interview.

Export model transformation ideas are in transition

Commercial vehicles is a barometer of the economy, and promote economic growth troika, consumption, investment and exports is also a driving force in truck sales promotion. In the economic slowdown, sluggish domestic demand environment, in April 2015 the State Council proposed international production cooperation programs, the purpose is the excess capacity out of domestic output, in the car, is based on exports to performance.

Chinese vehicle exports in overseas markets, there are three modes: Trade Agents, KD assembly plant and a joint venture plant. At present, many domestic car prices basically remain in trade agency model, while China's heavy truck is to expand overseas market territory through agents and construction KD assembly plant.

"Now we have emphasized the transition, we are restructuring heavy truck interior, especially along the way policy-oriented, we are taking advantage of this policy guidance, not only in land-based Asia-Europe continental bridge line, we strengthen the country along the road, cooperative enterprises; at sea on the way, we are actively distribution, expansion of the network, "Li Gonghai tell trucks House correspondent, China's heavy truck in the vehicle export, are seeking change.

"In recent years, the most obvious is the shift of marketing mode," Li Gonghai introduction, China's heavy truck is the only proxy mode first, the main take the form of trade. With China's heavy truck in the growing influence of foreign brands, a heavy truck to turn over play shot for a place, where there are orders to run to where the practice, requiring the entire team to go out, to directly face the international market. Heavy truck has now set up offices in more than 40 countries, permanent overseas staff of over 250 people.

In the face of their customers – terminal agents, 李公海 to the vivid metaphor for the Nobu own arms, "in fact, terminal agents, sales of vehicles is not so simple, in addition to the completion of the sales, the agents of our brand Influence is also crucial. "In order to stimulate the enthusiasm of sales agents, heavy truck through technology, services, advertising and support, including financial services, to enhance the agents of their own development," only the agents of their own development, and will better input to build sales networks, for heavy truck brand promotion, vehicle sales a virtuous circle. "Li Gonghai frankly.

In addition, China's heavy truck has passed technical cooperation, physical inputs, etc. In Nigeria, Morocco, Malaysia and other eight countries to cooperate to establish a KD assembly plants.

And proxy mode compared to, KD assembly plant a lot of money upfront investment, but the results are not generally bring. First, through the construction of KD assembly plants, the implementation of the localization of production, from a comprehensive cost considerations, undoubtedly superior to vehicle exports; secondly, KD plant can solve some of the local employment and promote the development of local supporting parts industry, to improve local people's lives, promote the exchange and integration of Chinese and foreign cultures, but also reflects China's heavy truck social responsibility.

Where heavy truck staying in?

It does first is not easy, more difficult to keep the first place. Also, whether domestic or overseas, in the competitive truck market, never catch up with those who lack the dark horse or, perhaps it will be a little inattentive heart waves to catch up, China's heavy truck for many years to maintain the first killer mace in the export sector Where?

"With the success we import Cayman platform products, the heavy truck, the future competitiveness abroad will only get stronger." Li Gonghai think, blacksmith need its own hardware, China National Heavy Duty Truck Man platform of new products, is China's heavy future follow-force ride steam main markets.

Man platforms how?

 China's heavy truck heavy truck Shan de C7H

We first sight back home from overseas, from January to August, the domestic tractor market, sales fell 10.69% overall, China's heavy truck tractor cumulative sales 27,089, ranked second in the market, contrarian growth of 57.27 percent year on year, net amount up to about 10,000. The broader market fell under the tractor, tractor mainstream enterprises generally severe downturn, so as to sing truck heavy truck market in China has bucked substantial growth, becoming the biggest dark horse tractor market, because without him, and successfully imported Man Platform products !

China's heavy truck heavy truck HOWO T5G

Popular domestic market, from the side that heavy truck Man platform products T7H and T5G has initially get user acceptance, "With Man mature platform products for different overseas markets, according to the needs of users, we will have a complete set of product matrix respond to market. "

In addition to products, China's heavy truck also carried out abroad related financial services, "We and the African Fund established a joint venture, for the future we have to increase investment in Africa to do the groundwork." Perhaps, the international capital strategy will be China National Heavy Duty Truck Future overseas markets another hole cards.

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