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Dongfeng truck parts focus terminal: grasp the true pulse of the market

Dongfeng truck parts focus terminal: grasp the true pulse of the market

        Dongfeng truck parts production orders management in the truck accessories manufacturing industry is not uncommon, but to help dealers develop a reasonable purchase plan to make an order to truly become "Customer Order" instead of "dealer orders," the practice is rare. Dongfeng Automobile Co., Ltd. is the minority: the actual sales outlets as the basis, the use of management software forecast market situation, dealers submit the order is no longer "racking our brains, their experience"; Production of spare parts orders get together with a history do not go back to the factory production arrangement more reasonable calm ……


       Three years ago, Dongfeng shares drop cloth child chess, by focusing on terminal sales, optimize inventory management, accurate and always has the true pulse of the market, and in the process, to promote the optimization of the whole value chain, sales, production, logistics, and gradually solve the long-troubled inventory problems. In the first half of this year, shares of Dongfeng Automobile sales terminal 33052, an increase of 4.5%, lifting market share by 0.6 percentage points, to outperform the market. Dongfeng shares inventory management focus terminal, has already had a positive impact on their marketing.


Dongfeng truck parts inventory management system: to make an order to truly become the "Customer Order" rather than "auto Order"


       Invoicing enterprise management refers to the process of demand (in) – storage (memory) – Sales (pin) dynamic management process. Which involves an important concept: sales ratio, refers to a period, the average stock of goods or the end of this period the ratio of inventory and cycle within total sales. Maintain a reasonable sales ratio can meet the needs of terminal sales while reducing inventory levels, thereby reducing cycling inventory costs, improve cycling rate of return.


       The end of 2012, the headquarters of Dongfeng shares average annual stock up to 4500 units / month, the social stock sales ratio of 4.36. Go hand in hand with high inventory problem is the high cost of storage and maintenance.


       "In the fast-growing market, dealers will not face the problem of how to purchase, but more inclined to simply stocking, accounting sales resources. When the market slowdown, increased sales of cars, the stocking ills thinking is exposed a "deputy general manager of Dongfeng light truck accessories marketing Limited Xie Zhilin point out the inventory problem:." this thinking does not improve stocking orders submitted by dealers can not accurately reflect market demand, the market is difficult to achieve effective supply. "


       To solve this problem, in 2013, Dongfeng shares has optimized E3S system, Car-Flow and other management tools, and the establishment of dealer N + 3 requirements management system based on this (default auto stocks meet the next three months. sales forecasting), through the sub-models dealer inventory management, and gradually optimize the structure of dealer inventory, the sales ratio at a reasonable level of control 2.5.


       N + 3 in accordance with the needs of the dealer management system requirements, each dealer sold a car it needs to be models, vehicle code, car buyers and other relevant information into the system. "There are sales to reach out to the car, the car would like to have to try to improve the terminal sales. This management approach is new to the dealer, even troublesome, but also safe reliable." Xie Zhilin so summarize Business Suppliers for N + 3 requirements management system.


       Dongfeng shares light truck accessories in the country has 379 retail outlets, of which annual sales of more than 500 outlets close to more than 40, less than 15%. "Most dealers are not large scale, which means they will not be very strict management system. Therefore, N + 3 requirements management system in promoting early encounter many do not understand, do not fit, do not like the place problem. "Xie Zhilin introduction, from big to small, from top to bottom, strict management, careful guidance, continue to promote the principles of promoting Dongfeng shares N + 3 requirements management system.


       Today, shares of Dongfeng auto N + 3 requirements management system has achieved 100% coverage, dealers submit the order is no longer "racking our brains, their experience," Order truly become a "Customer Order" instead of "dealer orders." Dongfeng shares January-May 2016 average social stock fell 31.8%, the average monitor vehicles fell 42.9%; the average monthly stock fund to reduce 575 million yuan, the average monthly car monitor funds to reduce 417 million yuan, the average monthly rate of capital turnover improved significantly . These data will undoubtedly reduce Dongfeng shares operating costs, optimize the allocation of resources to play an active role.

Dongfeng truck parts focus terminal strategy: Let the production, logistics, sales and optimize the whole value chain


       Dealer N + 3 Demand Management System, a direct impact on plant production rhythm. Data show that in 2015, Dongfeng shares factory production line daily output amplitude of 12% on average, compared with 2014, by 36 percentage points.



       This fully proves that when management reform orders get together phenomenon has been greatly improved. At the same time, reducing the amplitude of the output also means a reduction in overtime work, reduce labor costs, production quality has a positive influence.


       2013, N + 3 distributors and promotion requirements management system in the same year, Dongfeng shares of the manufacturing system is fully optimized. When orders by developing plant production planning according to dealers, each vehicle is individually numbered already born; from procurement, production, assembly line to transport, delivery, as well as after-sales service, will form the encoded data, and feedback to management system.


       On the dealers, this management system so that the production process transparent transport, to dispel the dealers' stocking panic ", do not advance to seize resources; Dongfeng shares for the purposes of efficient management and control will help to enhance management efficiency, feedback of sale terminals data also adjusted product layout provides a market reference. Delivery of (auto cycle from order to submit a successful delivery) is reduced from 46 days in 2014 to 18.9 days in 2015, this data is Dongfeng shares production, logistics optimization of proof.


       Invoicing optimization "focus terminal", "focus on dealers' thinking is also reflected in the development of marketing strategy Dongfeng shares. Dongfeng shares in 2015 launched the "China card Friends Saving Competition" major brand marketing campaign, brand activities and group activities combined, not only effective dissemination of brand image, sales terminals to bring more vitality. In recent years, Dongfeng shares has organized the dealer to exchange experiences, to promote excellent internal marketing experience to help dealers grow. Business meeting in mid-2016, Dongfeng shares also made clear "to focus on the store from the transaction, to focus on building and Poly-off positions change," "Follow dealers benign management" management strategy.


       Dongfeng truck parts inventory management focus terminal makes Dongfeng shares in effectively addressing the problem of high inventory, the more accurately grasp the pulse of the market, factory production planning linked to real market conditions, its supply to provide more effective in accordance with. Inventory management, strengthen the building of the dealer system more far-reaching benign Dongfeng shares late market development.


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