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7.3 billion investment in research and development costs to auto parts have become dry what?  Source:

      Research and development of automotive components is lagging behind, the user vehicle performance requirements continue to increase, backward technology, low quality of parts produced seriously affect vehicle performance, as the various organs of people, a healthy person again, when the body of a organ there is a problem, the people will fall out. Many large companies, especially listed car prices for auto parts research and development efforts continue to increase.
The first half of 2016, 96 auto parts companies, "China Automotive News" included in the statistics, there are 95 announced a research and development costs (or cost of technology development). 95 companies a total R & D investment in the first half reached 7.366 billion yuan, 6.547 billion yuan over the same period compared to last year grew 12.53%, accounting for 2.89% 95 of the company's total revenue. Among them, 66 R & D investment to maintain growth, accounting for 69.47 percent of the total, in addition to individual enterprises due to mergers and acquisitions resulting in R & D expenses changed greatly, the majority of companies have taken the initiative to increase R & D investment, including research and development technology center, laboratory equipment upgrades, reserve new technologies and customers to develop new products.
      So, 7.3 billion research and development costs into the auto parts have become dry what?
      Overall, auto parts listed company's total R & D investment growth rate, compared with the overall increase in revenue of nearly two industries, there is a wide gap; continued expansion of business scale, it has not brought a corresponding increase in R & D investment. The second half, continued to increase R & D investment, the reserve of new technologies, new products, auto parts are still the main tone of listed companies.
      From R & D investment accounted for a proportion of revenue, 95 companies reached an average level of 4.3%, due to business restructuring Steyr, research and development of total revenue ratio reached 66.9 percent, a greater impact on the industry level statistics, impact of the removal of Steyr, 94 companies average of 3.6%. Among them, more than 5% of the companies reached 17, more than 4% of enterprises 34; only six less than 1% of the enterprises. Compared to the previous statistical data, research and development revenue accounted for a higher proportion of companies are no longer focused on the automotive electronics business, the traditional casting class, powertrain related components business also increased R & D investment, in order to respond to the new pattern of the market.
      In addition to Steyr, the research and development revenue accounted for the highest proportion of the three companies are Kang Yue technology, cloud power, Tiancheng Controls, respectively, 10.45%, 9.72%, 8.09%. Kang Yue R & D investment growth of 40.33 percent, the research and development of new multiple turbochargers, emission upgrade requirements in response to the first half of the turbocharger sales growth of 18.95%; within the power of cloud in the turbocharged engine and new energy automotive transmission increase investment, research and development increased by 304.22%; Tiancheng Controls seat commercial sales promotion, and quickly enter the passenger car market, gross margin reached 32.77% seating products, research and development of new products contribute considerably.
      Enterprises from investment to research and development funds, the vehicle networking, new energy, "Three", intelligent driving, intelligent manufacturing, electricity supplier after the market focus on five areas of enterprise development and investment direction, in line with major trends in the automotive industry. Specifically, the five investment direction following characteristics: cross-border cooperation with Internet companies, large tentacles data, accelerating the car networking business integration; enhance motor, electronic control, battery layout and cooperation to powertrain systems supplier in transition; after create network-centric ecosystem of the automotive market, the development of integrated online and offline; body control, the main function keys out products, hardware and software integration of active safety technology; practicing "Chinese wisdom made 2025" strategy, upgrading production equipment , create intelligent, no chemical plant.
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