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The best time to enter the auto parts market to the


â–  into the auto market : Mo , etc.

" China Automotive News": the profits of auto parts market is huge, but there are still a number of companies targeting overseas markets, reluctant to get involved in the domestic auto market . Do you think , when to enter the domestic auto market is the best time ?

Qiao Yongfeng : domestic market size is large, but some very irregular, some dealers and repairers in pursuit of high profits , resulting in counterfeit popular, so a large number of companies have been doing for export, reluctant to get involved in the domestic auto market . But with the increasingly fierce competition , the RMB exchange rate is climbing, rising labor costs , low value-added products business will be more competitive, many foreign companies are experiencing difficulties in the market and profits both fell .

By the end of 2013 , according to the Ministry of Public Security Traffic Management Bureau released data show that the national vehicle population over 270 million . 2013 , the output value of China's automotive repair industry reached 450 billion yuan . After the huge auto market has become the most attractive sunrise industry and gold markets. China's auto parts business now is the beginning of a cluster of scale, the pace of consolidation to accelerate the restructuring , the rapid increase international competitiveness , tend to high-tech products. Now, should seize the opportunity of rapid development of the automotive industry , into the domestic auto market , this is the best and most sensible choice.

â–  vehicle repair information disclosure : fast push

" China Automotive News": the establishment of vehicle repair information disclosure system , open channel flow of auto parts , auto parts industry, whether they would have an impact ?

Qiao Yongfeng : Creating vehicle maintenance technology open systems , open channel flow of auto parts , will have a revolutionary impact on the auto industry , the auto industry will be fundamental norms and healthy and sustainable development. Development of China's auto parts distribution industry to now , the traditional shopkeeper in the market every piece of mining profits have been exhausted, the advantage of operating irregularities also are losing . Although the transition to a traditional shopkeeper is suffering terminal peddler consideration is huge, and full of risk, but do not go only to die terminal , which has become the consensus of the domestic auto industry. Ministry of Commerce issued a "guidance development," " on the promotion of car circulation " five- scale circulation , networks, the degree of environmental organizations , such as the level of "five " period were cars and modern scientific prediction , transformation and upgrade is imminent.

Future competition must be scale, brand , network , chain is the best embodiment of the three modes . After the establishment of vehicle maintenance technology of open system , the domestic auto market will be referring to appliances and home industry chain business model, integrated marketing channel resources to build contact with the vehicle factory , established as the "United States" , " Su Ning," as brand chain business model, auto parts distribution market will further improve and standardize .

â–  After the market changes : the wind blows

" China Automotive News": the traditional auto industry has demonstrated a small , random features, but a lot of people noticed an integrated force is on the rise , the ability to talk about the development trend of auto parts distribution channels ?

Qiao Yongfeng : You can say that , with the gradual maturity of the domestic car market , China 's gold rush service new round coming . Model innovation will become the core of the next decade, change the channel content .

First, the channel sink become a trend. As OEMs channel sink, four-tier cities and layout deep into the countryside , becoming nowadays many auto parts manufacturers to choose from. The current auto parts wholesaler business more difficult , many companies began to focus on the terminal , and the establishment of the terminal outlets within the limits of the direct expansion of the end consumer , in order to enhance the company 's profitability , auto circulation brands in four or five lines set up shop in the city has become a major trend, chain concern.

Second, cross-border competition increasingly fierce. In the field of auto parts , innovators unprecedented rapid pace , from one area into another area . More convenient , more relevance , more comprehensive business system that is individually formed . I heard the most shocking sentence is moved to say , engage in so many years, this year it was discovered that Tencent is our competitors. The traditional auto industry , transport , repair , automotive service industry , is facing a changing business model .

Third, the auto parts supplier clouds become a trend . Electricity providers to "shop business" impact has become a reality, although automotive parts compared with other commodities , with some particularity , but sales of automotive parts through the Internet and e-commerce platform is the future development of the auto parts industry to seek a way out. This innovative business model used in the auto industry requires not only physical store, retail service providers and e-commerce platform integration , and more needs to be quickly repaired with a combination of car maintenance , such as Qi Jing Ltd. Shiyan dongfeng cummins engine station groups Network project is an outstanding representative of auto parts cloud providers . Qi Jing Industry and Trade complementary online and offline business model this is not a case , in Jingdong , Taobao, Suning, and other popular websites on the 1st shop to shop and publish product information is increasingly business entity attention, though still more than the current network of sales not on the store sales , more operators as supplemented by secondary marketing and promotion channels. Business data reconstruction , flow rewrite the future, old ideas gradually disappear, becoming the data code. I think , to the electricity supplier , auto parts industry to accept it , and adjust their industrial structure and product flow patterns, convergence is the best way to meet the electricity supplier , auto cloud providers is an important direction for future auto parts distribution channels change.


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