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2016 Ward top ten engines, China’s own brand list   original title: 2016 Ward top ten engines, China's own brand list

  Cummins engine, now referred to the engine, a lot of people out of the first they know the engine is the Cummins engine, but do not know there are many car engine is what we are using. The following selected on behalf of the 10 models.

  Also approaching the end of the year, when we are all the major domestic media are busy evaluating the various models of the year when people across the ocean media did not idle.

  "Ward'sAutoWorld" magazine editors in the 31 candidate models after some frustrating, and finally elected the most they think of the 10 models of the engine.

  "Ward Top Ten" is what stuff?

  "Ward's Auto World" in 1994 founded the list, is the engine horsepower, torque, technical content and the actual performance of the content of a rigorous assessment, and then select the ten best of the engine. The list in the world, but has a great influence Oh, in short, the word to describe it best suited to: the authority!

  Here, take a look at this year's "Ward's Auto World" are selected which Niubi engine:

  Nissan 3.5L naturally aspirated engine

  Nissan QV engine this ash often abuses, because it since 1994, entered the top ten times the number of times a total of 14 times, can be regarded as "actor" level of the engine. After a new generation of improvements, this 3.5L naturally aspirated engine again boarded Ward's top ten podium, where applause …? . .

  Equipped models: Nissan Maxima

  Ford 5.2L naturally aspirated V8 engine

  As a US magazine, of course, the American flavor of the Ford engine. Large row, self-priming, V8, this engine is a typical American engine. Although it is now a small displacement of the turbocharged power, but the charm of self-absorption V8 I believe that every fan can not resist the temptation!

  Car models: Ford Mustang Shelby GT350

  Universal 3.6L naturally aspirated V6 engine

  Also a United States, is also self-priming engine, found that the United States are particularly like self-priming. The engine is based on the common previous generation LFX engine improved on the basis of the use of direct injection, variable intake and exhaust valve timing and integrated exhaust manifold and other new technology, this engine is currently equipped in the Cadillac ATS and Chevrolet Comero.

  Car models: Chevrolet Comello

  BMW 3.0T turbocharged engine

  BMW engine can achieve this modular production, based on its production of different displacement and different uses of the engine, this is indeed a great advantage, you can help the BMW province under a large R & D costs.

  Car models: BMW 740Li340i

  Subaru 2.0T Horizontal Opposite Engine

  For people who love to play cars, this Subaru 2.0T engine that is no stranger to it. Toyota 86 is the FA20D engine, and Subaru in the FA20D engine is based on the installation of a turbocharger, to achieve a more efficient power output and better fuel economy.

  Car models: Subaru WRX

  Volvo 2.0T turbocharged engine

  Volvo engineers do not vegetarian, after several years of careful development of this Drive-E series engine data can be described as frenzied. From the birth has been assembled in the down to the V40 to the XC90 models, we can imagine how good this engine.

  Car models: Volvo XC90

  Dodge 3.0T turbocharged V6 diesel engine

  This diesel engine is Ward's top two diesel engines for two consecutive years, fuel economy is its biggest bright spot. "Ward'sAutoWorld" magazine editors to take 3.0T diesel engine Dodge Ram1500 done the test, go 1500 km fuel consumption of only 9.8 liters! 9.8 liters! 9.8 liters! Important things that three times …!

  Car models: Dodge Ram1500 pickup

  General 1.5-liter naturally aspirated 4-cylinder engine +111 kilowatts of electric motor

  Look at the name to know that this is a hybrid system, but this mix a bit special, 1.5L petrol engine will not directly drive the vehicle, but to the battery and motor group for energy. The battery capacity dropped to a certain extent, the engine will automatically start charging the battery, integrated life of up to 570 km.

  Car models: Chevrolet Volanda

  Toyota 1.8 liter naturally aspirated engine +53 kilowatt electric motor

  We are familiar with the Toyota Prius is the use of this power, in the United States and other regions of this power is very popular with the Green Mi, Prius to see sales abroad to know. But in the country, it seems that this hybrid system can not attract domestic consumers, the Prius this model has been selling does not move …

        Careful you have not found a total of three types: naturally aspirated engine is the main, there are several turbine engines, there is a level of the engine.

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